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High Probability for Terrorist Attack on the U.S. and Western Nations

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

With the growing threat of a major terrorist attack, it would be wise to learn some survival strategies. Even if you live in a major city that is bombed with either a nuclear, chemical, or biological weapon, it's possible to survive a terrorist attack.

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ISIS and Radical Islam: Why the Worst Is Still To Come and How to Survive the Next Deadly Terrorist Attack

ISIS and Radical Islam: How to Survive the Next Deadly Terrorist Attack

There is terror across Europe, there is terror across the world. How to survive the next deadly terrorist attack and why Paris is just the beginning. The worst is still to come.
How to Be A Hero and Stop a Terrorist Attack ... as it Unfolds

How to Be a Hero and Stop a Terrorist Attack

What began as an ordinary day has just taken an unexpected turn for the worst as a terrorist attack unfolds around you ... have the guts and smarts to try and save the day? How to be a hero and take out a terrorist.
2017 Qatar Mid East Crisis -- Islamic Civil War

Iran, Qatar, and Islamic State Threats to the U.S. Saudi Arabia stands in the way...

Iran, Qatar, and Islamic State Threats to the U.S.... Only Saudi Arabia stands in the way -- or is that a dangerous lie that Trump is buying at U.S. risk?
Islam's Mahdi: U.S. in Crosshairs of Suicide Bombers and Islamic Holy War

Islam's Mahdi: U.S. in Crosshairs of Suicide Bombers and Islamic Holy War

Ever Heard of Islam's "Mahdi?" How False Prophecies Are Driving the Religious Insanity of Radical Islam and Why the U.S. Can Expect Suicide Bombers and a New Wave of Terror... Child Killers.
How the "Islamic Agenda" Could Result in Shariah Law Over America ... and How to Escape

How the Islamic Agenda Could Result in Shariah Law Over America

The Muslim Brotherhood... CAIR. Hamas. Hezbollah. Others. U.S. traitors working with the Iranian or Saudi governments. Maybe it's not terrorists with nukes we need to fear -- Maybe it's the infiltration of Radical Islam into U.S. politics through 'proxy' politicians, business leaders, and their sympathizers.
American Sleeper Cells: The Butchers Next Door

American Sleeper Cells

American Sleeper Cells are forming as the phenomenon of Islamic Jihad spreads it's propaganda in a grass roots move to seduce young adults and America's disenfranchised ... that is the first wave. Murder and butchering will be the next wave. And the FBI can't stop it?
Surviving A Los Angeles Terrorist Attack: Brutal and Shocking

Los Angeles Terrorist Attack

Los Angeles, California -- home to luxury cars and mansions, powerful elites, Hollywood, greed, glamour, the porn industry, street gangs, prostitutes, and now ... ISIS? This is what an attack might look like and how to survive. WARNING: Graphic violence. EXTREME SURVIVAL TACTICS. If you want to live through this kind of attack, you may have to do the unthinkable...

How to Survive a Shopping Mall Massacre - Terrorist Attack

How to Survive A Terrorist Attack at a Shopping Mall

Terrorists and anarchists both would love to unleash Hell at a shopping mall. Both are a real danger today. What do you do to survive?

If Terrorists Attack Nuclear Power Plants: 10 Ways to Survive a Nuclear Meltdown

10 Ways to Survive A Nuclear Meltdown

Several nuclear power plants exist near major U.S. cities and threaten millions. Here are the top 15 major cities threatened by nuclear power plants and also 10 ways to survive a nuclear meltdown. Includes list of major cities near nuclear power plants.
How to Survive a School Shooting: FIGHTING BACK

School shootings are on the increase. But do so many children actually have to die? What does it mean to use "security tactics" against an armed shooter? Can teens and college students out think a lone gunman with an assault rifle, and take him down, using defensive tactics? The Special Forces use security tactics. Drug cartels use security tactics. Students can use security tactics also.

Warning: Terrorists Target Schools
Bin Laden has made promises to kill two million American children; Terrorists have been training to take over schools. Even with Bin Laden gone, the threat of terrorists attacking schools is still a terrible reality.
How to Survive Biological Warfare and a Weaponized Virus

How to Survive Biological Warfare and a Weaponized Virus

Biological warfare is one of the most terrifying and deadly forms of weapons ever devised by man. In the hands of a terrorist group, a weaponized virus could be unleashed in multiples cities in a coordinated attack, a modern day plague that wipes out millions, destroys the economy, collapses the West. That's just the beginning ...
How to Survive a Chemical or Biological Attack

Attack on the homeland ... Hell Unleashed. The odds of a major terrorist strike aren't going away simply because more time is passing since 9-11. A smart bet, considering all the evidence, is that terrorists will strike with bio-chemical weapons, and America will suffer a serious set back at some point in the near future. What does it take to survive a bio-chemical attack?

Shoulder Fired Nukes? Nuclear Attack Survival Guide

Nuclear Attack Survival Guide

Shoulder fired nukes? Bet you didn't see this one coming... If America suffers a terrorist strike with a WMD expect nuclear fallout and you better know how to survive it. Low yield nukes, shoulder fired missiles, missile guidance systems -- Surprising ways terrorists can strike us and what we can do to escape with our lives.

SHTF: 30 Ways to Protect Yourself from Hackers

30 Ways to Protect Yourself from Hackers

It's a worst case scenario yet one that reporters say can happen on our watch. A 'hacker event' that takes down U.S. networks for good, knocking the entire country offline in an instant. It's like an EMP -- with just the click of a button. The power is out and your money is gone. All hell breaks loose.
When Islam Attacks

When Islam Attacks

If the nation suffers an EMP attack or terrorist attack with a nuclear suitcase bomb -- and traffic comes to a halt -- you might have to ditch your car and flee the city on foot. Key items to always have on hand, as well as a plan for escaping a big city -- when you need to get home to your family.

The Perfect Storm: Will Widespread Terrorist Attacks Take Down the West?

Al Qaeda issues "direct order" to terror cells to carry out attacks -- Will these attacks happen?

Consequence of a Major Terrorist Attack: You Might Be Stuck at the Airport
A terrorist attack with a weapon of mass destruction can shut down airports indefinetly - Have a back-up plan for getting home if stranded out of state.
How to Survive Bio-Terror
How to survive a terrorist attack with a biological weapon.
How to Survive a Hijacked Airplane
Understand the risk while flying and learn ways to protect yourself in the event of a terrorist Hijacking.
The Perfect Day - Terror Attacks on America's Schools

In the movie "Toy Soldiers", terrorists stormed an American school and took hostages. Today, terrorists are set on storming multiple schools across the nation, and slaughtering teachers and students both.

The Threat from Radical Islam

Expert: Saudis have radicalized 80% of US mosques; Border Patrol: Middle Easterners crossing Mexican and Canadian borders; Census Bureau: Over 20 million illegal aliens in U.S.

How to Survive a Dirty Bomb or Nuclear Suitcase Bomb

A nuclear weapon you can carry in a suitcase? How are we going to prevent that?

How to Survive a Bomb at a Public Event

Will terrorists attack within the U.S.? The clock is ticking.

Terrorists Attack Major League Baseball Game: Shocking Attack on Professional Sports

A terrorist attack on a Major League Baseball game would strike terror in the hearts of millions of Americans. That puts baseball stadiums (and football, for you NFL fans) on a top twenty list of likely terrorist targets.

Rumors of War: Al-Qaeda Nuclear Weapons Already in United States?
Is Al-Qaeda using MS-13 gangs and South American drug lords to smuggle in nuclear weapons?
Hezbollah Terrorist Attack on U.S.

Iran-linked Islamic radicals have joined forces with Al-Qaida and are suspected to have terror cells throughout the U.S.

The Fall of the United States

We don't have to worry about Islamic terrorists getting into the United States - we have to worry about Islamic terrorists getting into Mexico.

MS-13 and Islamic Radicals - Terror in Suburbs

Gangs from Central America and Islamic radicals may present a deadly threat in the days following the detonation of Al-Qaeda nuclear weapons.

Global Terror: The Iran, Nicaragua, and North Korea Conspiracy

Nicaragua has smugglers and North Korea has nuclear weapons; MSNBC reports Iran-linked Hezbollah has a base in South America – will Islamic radicals attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons? Some say no, but is there actually a real threat?

When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
SEARCH: Emergency Supplies, Natural Disasters, Food Shortages & Riots, Prepping, Post Apocalypse, MORE...
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