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When Islam Attacks: Major U.S. Cities in Danger, Evacuate

by James Roberts and , Copyright ©
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The United States of America is clearly the most technologically advanced country in the world.
Along with this, many Americans believe that no matter what the scenario - nuclear attack, invasion, severe weather - we would survive because of this.

In other words, because of our gadgets.

However, imagine that you're sitting in front of that holier than thou television set of yours and you suddenly hear a booming explosion. Then, not surprisingly, the TV and lights go out. Then there's another explosion.

What could it be?

Well, a million and one things. For starters, though, the two explosions and the fact that the electricity went out with the first of them could signify that two nuclear weapons were set off.

The first was probably set off miles above a target area in the hopes of creating an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

EMP refers to the electromagnetic radiation that can be caused from an explosion or a widely fluctuating magnetic field. The possible result when such a thing happens is that electronic systems may couple with these fields, resulting in damaging current and voltage surges. In other words, bye-bye electronics and mechanical means.

Even more interestingly, the possibility actually exists that depending on the power and trajectory of such an attack, devastation could reach the majority of the country. Oh yeah, and that second nuclear bomb? That one probably hit ground. In other words, it was meant to do more than just disarm.

The good thing, at least, is that in the above scenario you were home. What if you weren't? In fact - given that most people live in the suburbs - what if you're at work or driving through a major city when all this happens?

The reality is that it doesn't matter if it's an EMP attack (which probably wouldn't stop your car from moving, but the attack itself would likely create tons of accidents and traffic making automobile travel useless). Instead, it could be severe weather, a lone nuclear attack, a sole invasion... Whatever.

The point is, what if you want to get home from the city and must do so by foot? Well, first you need to be ready for this.

Remember that survival is about preparation.

Stranded in the city

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Unfortunately, in this day and age you have to prepare for so many possible problems on the road that it makes it hard to fit everything you'd need. For example, if a nuclear attack hits near you, well, you better get inside of a shelter, take your clothes off and put them in a garbage bag, and wash off with soap. But if severe weather hits, you may not need to do any of that.

So what to bring in that car of yours? That's easy: The stuff that you'll need no matter what the problem.

Supplies you'll likely need on the way back to your suburban home by foot (in other words, keep this stuff in a backpack in the trunk of your car). We know by now you've probably seen a lot of survival lists -- well here's one more list for you (we'll try to keep this list to the bare essentials).

1. Bottled water and a way to filter / purify water.

2. A small radio with batteries.

3. A flashlight or headlamp.

4. Something to sleep in (a tent may be hard to bring with you, but at least a small sleeping bag).

5. 2 or 3 folded, heavy duty, 55 gallon garbage bags -- which you'll use to to build a nearly waterproof shelter or even something to sleep in, worn over your sleeping bag to keep out the weather.

6. Duct tape to help seal your improvised garbage bag shelter (if you build one). But there's a trick to carrying duct tape -- you don't need to carry an entire roll to build your shelter. Instead, in advance, tear off several strips approximately 5 inches each, and then put one strip on a garbage bag, and then layer several 4 inch strips on top of the first. You now have an easy way to carry some duct tape, without taking up much space in your small pack (also called a "get home" bag).

7. A change of clothes -- we recommend two pairs of pants, and two hooded sweat-shirts (two sets of each, so they can be worn in "layers" for added warmth); a waterproof jacket, in case of rain; and a stocking cap, regardless of the season. Wearing a stocking cap while you sleep is a great way to stay warm when sleeping outdoors, as well as wool socks on your feet.

8. Dry food that doesn't spoil (high calorie energy bars, for example).

9. A cell phone (but that would probably go out on you in case of an EMP attack).

10. A knife.

11. A lighting device of some kind (waterproof lighter). Always carry at least two lighters -- that way you always have a spare lighter as back-up.

12. A state map and compass (as long as you know how to use your compass) kept in a Zip-Lock freezer bag.

13. Nukepills (iodine I-131) and medications you might need.

14. Further, weapons for self-defense, depending on how you feel about that and what's legal in your area. (You can do sufficient damage to allow time to escape with a can of high-potency pepper spray, for example.)

15. Good shoes, such as those used for "cross-training" or "trail-running" (it's very important that your shoes lace-up well, so that they do not come untied if you have to make a run for it.).

16. Small backpack. Nothing too big, or someone else might want to take it from you. Also, make sure it's dark in color (so it doesn't attract attention), and water resistant (water-proof is even better). If you can't afford a waterproof pack, then wrap your spare clothing, food, flashlight, etc. in small, sealed garbage bags before you put these items in your pack.

17. Finally, carry firestarter in a small waterproof container. Cotton balls work great as firestarter -- and you can stuff a lot of cotton balls in a small waterproof container. To increase flammability consider rubbing those fireballs in a small amount of charcoal lighter or even Vaseline or another flammable oil-based material -- but just a small amount.

In the end, depending on the problem you're most likely to face (which we believe is being stranded in a large city when you're miles from home), you can decide what you may need / not need in your backpack.

Of course, this will depend on the disaster you're dealing with, the distance you have to go, and the kinds of terrain your journey is likely to take you across.

The Journey Home

If there was no threat of an attack while you walked home, this might not be a problem. However, since an attack during a state of emergency - or at the very least some social unrest among our own people - is likely, it might not be prudent to simply walk down the road with hordes of people and no shelter from those around you.

In other words, barring a weather emergency that warrants staying away from falling branches / trees, it might not be a bad idea to get yourself going home on a highway with woods around you. If you do find yourself in such a situation, consider walking home in the woods.

Whatever is coming might miss you that way.

Further, depending on the distance you're traveling you might need to stay the night. Don't be a hero; realize that with the darkness comes cold. Find shelter even if you do have a tent. Start a fire. Find a cave. Or if you need to, use broken branches as your shelter and leaves / brush to shield you from the elements.

Finally, here's something that may seem to run counterproductive to staying away from the hordes moving to the suburbs. Find yourself a small group of friends. A large group is just too much. Rather, a group of three to four may be best. This way, what you don't know about the area / survival may be known by them. You can work together (one can man the radio, the other the cell phone, the other the compass, etc.).

And if social unrest occurs, criminals will think twice about messing with a group over a single traveler.

No matter how bad it gets, we at encourage you to be strong, have courage, and be on the alert. Hopefully, you will never find yourself in such a situation as described here.

Unfortunately, things are looking more and more dangerous out there.

Islamic Flags Over America

World War 3 looks like something that could in fact happen at some point in the near future -- perhaps something right out of the Book of Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible.

The U.S. is the most hated nation on Earth. How we got to this point probably has something to do with the way our government and corporations and foreign policy is viewed by the rest of the world.

Plainly said, America is too big for it's britches. And someone is likely to set those britches on fire at some point. We've pissed off too many Arabs.

Be prepared, read your Bible, get right with God.

It might be right around the corner.


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When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
SEARCH: Emergency Supplies, Natural Disasters, Food Shortages & Riots, Prepping, Post Apocalypse, MORE...
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