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The Perfect Day - Terrorist Attacks on America's Schools

by James Roberts and , Copyright ©
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In late 2007, CNN's Glenn Beck Show (Beck later moved to FOX News) ran a week long series titled, The Perfect Day, on the widespread surveillance of American public schools by Islamic militants, and reported plots to take over schools and massacre school children, on a scale far bigger than what Al Qaida pulled off at Beslan (and that was horrific).
Before we talk about these plots on American schools, here's a quick re-cap on what's going on in the world of Radical Islam:

Radical Islam believe it's their duty to hasten the end of days, as taught in the Koran

Islamic terror groups, including the President of Iran, and numerous other important Muslims, are attempting to bring on the end of days. They believe that Islam is destined to conquer the world, and that for seven years the Islamic Messiah (the currently "hidden" 12th Imam) will rule over all nations, and then the end of the world will occur.

Many Muslims believe that Osama bin Laden is the "hidden" 12th Imam and reportedly he has been signing his name Muhammad Osama bin Laden.

(Hey CNN, where's the media coverage on this story?)

WND: Iran leader: Islam to 'rule the world'

WND: Iran prepares people for 'messiah miracles'

Today, we are faced with our own version of War of the Worlds.

Or what Christians would call the coming of the Anti-Christ from the Book of Revelation.

Don't believe it? Then read on for a summary of what CNN's Glenn Beck recently laid out in his series titled, The Perfect Day.

By the way, schools are only one of the targets on Radical Islam's hit list. They have much bigger aspirations than to just rape, torture, and murder tens of thousands of American school children.

Radical Islam is intent on striking down the West – and imposing Islamic rule over everyone.

Athiests, please note: you may not believe in God, however if Radical Islam has its way and America falls to Islamic rule, you will have no choice but to believe in the Muslim god, Allah. In fact, you won't be able to buy or sell unless you become a Muslim – that includes your children.

One big happy Muslim family (in other words, no more baseball and no more Nascar).

Oh, and if you refuse to convert – there's a high probability that you'll be executed by a firing squad, or simply have your head chopped off, as is occuring in other nations that have fallen to Islamic rule.

FOX NEWS: - Somalia town to behead people who don't pray 5 times daily

If this sounds vaguely familiar, then you're most likely remembering something you heard when you were a kid, back when you and your family still went to church. Because this is right out of the pages of the last chapter of the Bible.

What the Bible says happens next is going to devastate America.

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The Perfect Day - Episode 1

First, Beck brought up the idea behind The Perfect Day. Namely, he noted that this theory is heavily entrenched in the concept that multiple seemingly unrelated events may all converge together to pose a threat like nothing we have ever experienced. In other words, these seemingly innocuous events are actually tied to the terrorists plan to wrought a terrible day of suffering upon America.

The message for this series? Preparation, not panic. But then, once he spoke on the terrorist threat that would be discussed in the first part of this series, panic was the first thing that most people watching likely felt.

You see, this episode was on the threat that Islamic terrorists pose to our schools.

Yes, that's right. They've been planning on attacking multiple schools for sometime now. Brad Thor, author of The First Commandment and a former member of the Department of Homeland Security's Analytic Red Cell Program, was on hand to provide expert advice and information, as was former FBI Special Agent Don Clark and counter terrorism expert Joe Ruffini, the author of When Terror Comes to Main Street.

The evidence? For starters, a computer disk and building plans for schools have been found on several different occasions over in Iraq with the terrorists. School emergency response plans have also been uncovered. Al Qaeda has a training tape out that is eight hours long. In this particular tape, terrorists were training to take down a school. Even more horrifying, they were saying their commands in English.

Ruffini also pointed out that we have an enemy that has said they are justified in killing four million Americans, two million children (if you've been reading up long on this site then you know this). Further, Osama bin Laden has promised to deliver 100 fold to American what they did in Beslan.

What they did in Beslan, by the way, was take over a school. More on that in episode two.

In March of 2006, the FBI alerted everyone that suspected extremists were signing up as bus drivers. However, as Beck noted, they then said that no one had anything to worry about. Basically, through this he indicated that Americans are not getting the whole truth on the topic of terrorism as there is clearly a whole lot to worry about.

Don Clark spoke up about the two Muslim men that hopped on a school bus in Florida (we've also detailed this at Many people, according to Thor, believe that this particular situation was a dry run. In other words, it was an attempt to ready themselves for killing our children.

Further, the political correctness we have to put up with in this country, according to Ruffin, will be our downfall. Along with this, charges against the men who hopped on the bus were left to rubble.

Can you imagine?

Last but not least, 17 Houston school busses are missing. Amazing that virtually everyone is hoping that the missing busses were taken to be used for drug smuggling? Crazy, huh? Don Clark noted that the FBI is clearly concerned about this. Further, thousands of school bus radios have been stolen in the Pacific Northwest.

In the end, Thor believes that by doing this (attacking our schools) the Muslims hope to infuriate us to the point that Americans attack Muslims in our own streets. If this were to happen, then the opportunity to truly set off a holy war would be realized.

The Perfect Day - Episode 2

Here it is in a nutshell on this one (and we're going to be brief due to the nature of this one). When the terrorists took over that school in Beslan, Russia. . . Well, let's just say that most of us are not aware of everything that happened. Unfortunately, anyone who saw this episode of Glenn Beck's special probably wishes they hadn't. That's how gruesome it was.

Thus, we won't spend a lot of time on it. Basically, when the terrorists took over that school in Beslan, there was no exit strategy. In other words, they expected to die.

They killed all of the biggest male teachers and students right off the bat and threw them out of the windows of the school. They raped some of the teenage women, sometimes in ways that I am unwilling to write on. And they killed many before they were done.

Three hundred thirty four civilians to be exact. And 186 of them were children.

The Perfect Day - Episode 3

The question for this episode... Why? Why would the terrorists want to wake up the proverbial sleeping giant?

And here was Glenn Beck's answer. It is about the backlash that might unite extremists against us. The aftermath, if you will. They want that Holy War, people. As amazing as that might sound to all of us. Contributing to this episode were Brad Thor, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser from the American/ Islamic Forum for Democracy, and Bernard Kerik, former police commissioner of New York City.

According to Jasser, these people feed off of sectarian divides. They feed off of creating division. And by attacking America's children, they hope to spur such rage that we fight back. Then Al Jazeera would put up our supposed atrocities on the news throughout the Muslim world.

And that would create the stir to bring about the Holy War that they're looking for. Christian versus Muslim, people.

On this show, Beck also brought up to Jasser the fact that Islamic moderates have not sufficiently took on the radicals. He basically stood up on air and called for these moderates to declare war on Al Qaeda and friends. Along with this, he asked if Jasser would feel comfortable leaving his neighborhood if such a thing were to occur.

Jasser didn't answer, but the fact that he didn't seemed to indicate that he of course wouldn't. However, he did indicate that he wants to bring moderate Muslims into the fold. In other words, he wants them to declare war on Al Qaeda and terrorism.

But there was an overriding feeling that time was running out for them.

The Perfect Day - Episode 4

This one was all about practical advice. In other words, what should we do?

Kenneth Trump, one of the nation's foremost experts on school safety and security and Brad Thor were on hand to provide information. In sum, they went over the four D's.

1. Deter: A police presence can help this.

2. Detect: Parents, school staff, everyone must be watching. Terrorists often send their sharks to places in order to look into things first. They do surveillance. That's the time to get them.

3. Delay: A plan must be in place to get your students to safety (don't just sit there).

4. Destroy: For every second we wait to send law enforcement in, children are going to die. In other words, get in there and attack. Do not sit there and try to talk the terrorists down. Remember, they won't have an exit strategy.

Not much else, unfortunately, other than the fact that schools need to practice their emergency scenarios, particularly in relation to terrorist attacks. Further, there seems to be more practice needed in regard to bus scenarios.

In sum, The Perfect Day series was difficult to watch. However, for those of us that did watch the series, it detailed much of what the terrorists want to do. Terrible, no doubt. But at least someone had the guts to talk about this on television.

Now, we just need someone with the guts to discuss Bin Laden's plan for "American Hiroshima" on national news and the reports that North Korea is working in Syria allegedly with A. Q. Khan's nuclear technicians to most likely outfit Iran-linked Hezbollah terrorists with nuclear weapons (that's in addition to the Syrian government).

U.K. TIMES: Sept. 16 article points to nuclear arms in Syria, developed by North Korea and China?

If you don't recall, MSNBC broke the story four months ago that Hezbollah has a base in South America where terrorists train.

And if you're not aware, Hezbollah, is alleged to have more terror cells inside the United States than Al-Qaida.

Will Hezbollah, working with North Korea and A.Q. Khan in Syria finally smuggle nuclear weapons into the U.S. (with the assistance of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez)?

Or are the nuclear weapons already here, as many suspect?

Russia and China and the Apocalypse

What's Russia's connection in all this? Russia has been selling arms to Iran, Syria, and Venezuela, as well as nuclear technology to Iran. China is also selling nuclear technology to Iran.

Wall Street Journal: China-Iran Trade Surge Vexes U.S.

The most frightening thing of all is that both Russia and China are reported by U.S. intelligence to be spying on American infrastructure at Cold War Levels.

AFP: China and Russia aggressive spying

Coincidentally, just last month Russia and China got together and held joint military drills, involving each nation's armed forces.

UPI: Russia, China, deepen ties, conduct joint military drills

If Russia and China are doing heavy spying on America's infrastructure, and conducting joint military drills, it's very possible that they themselves are going to attack America from within, the same day that Radical Islam does.

Chavez himself threatened to "unleash an army of operatives" already inside the U.S. if we attack Iran.

WND: Chavez threatens to 'unleash operatives' already in U.S.

Well, why wouldn't China and Russia have military operatives here also? According to the link above, their spies are here, and they're not just here – they're "aggressively" collecting intelligence on "sensitive and protected US systems, facilities and developmental projects."


Al-Qaida's U.S. nuclear targets for 'American Hiroshima'

United States drafts 'Day After' nuclear plan

Bush orders contingency plans for nuclear attack on U.S.

Al Qaeda's No. 2 says end of West imminent

Chavez predicts fall of 'United States Empire'

The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World

That may be why Glenn Beck warned teachers to not just look for Arabs doing surveillance on schools. He said they might be blonde haired / blue eyed.

Considering the evidence above, they also might be Chinese.

Or Latin American.

In the end, The Perfect Day is shaping up to include a lot more than just attacks on America's public schools. And it may be a lot more than just Arabs.

Mark these words, when The Perfect Day finally takes place, you can expect more than one nation to be involved; and you can expect more than one U.S. city to be destroyed by a nuclear weapon (which we've discussed indepth in other articles on this site).

The government has given multiple warnings: Is anybody listening?

Does anybody care?

Why is the media silent on this story?

Lives can be saved, if someone would tell the American people to prepare.

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