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The Threat from Radical Islam

by James Roberts, Copyright ©
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"One day my dear Muslims," shouted Anjem Choudary in front of thousands of Muslims outside of London Central Mosque, "Islam will govern Britain."
Choudary, a co-founder of Al Muhajiroun, the now banned group tied to suspects in the July 7, 2005 London transport bombings, is clearly an Islamic radical. Along with this - according to a World Net Daily article - as he preached hatred and overthrow no one in the crowd around him dissented. In fact, others got into the game as well.

"Brothers and sisters, make no mistake. Make no mistake. The British government, the queen, the MPs in this country, they are enemies to you, enemies to Allah and enemies to the Muslims," said Muslim leader Abu Saif.

According to the article, a man in the crowd indicated that Saif is a member of the group Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the Party of Liberation, whose aim is to unify Islamic followers and establish the rule of Islamic law over the world.

Two different groups, one common goal:

Establish Islamic rule over the world

In fact, just for punctuation, during Humphries interview with Saif, the radical Muslim leader indicated that his group wants "Islam to be a source of governance for all of mankind. And we also believe that one day America will be ruled by Islam. One of the prophecies of the message of Muhammad was the hour will never come, i.e., the last day - which you also believe in - will never come until a group of the Muslims – will rise and conquer the White House."

A lot of people saying the same thing, no? And keep in mind that none of these people actually belong to Al-Qaeda.

In other words, this isn't all about one terrorist group.

It's about a feeling amongst radical Islam in general.

Here's the thing, though. Many say that religous scriptures, such as the Koran and the Bible, have things in them that are often interpreted differently by different people.

Some that read and subscribe to the Koran believe it preaches peace; others, however, walk away from reading it with the understanding that Muslims must overthrow the United States, Britain - the entire world, in fact - in order to establish Islamic rule.

The problem, of course, is that by many accounts it seems that the radical Islamic view calling for an overthrow is louder than their adversaries cries for peace in the religion and may be winning out.

All one has to do is look to the medical field for more evidence of radical Islam's wide reach. Many may not realize that the recent failed car bombings in London and Glasgow last month seemed to have been orchestrated - at least in part - by a Muslim doctor and an engineer.

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What happened to do no harm?

Here's what happened: These men likely got into their chosen fields not to ask questions and be on the cutting edge. Rather, they went to school in order to gain information that could serve to help foster their already established beliefs.

And perhaps, as we've already discussed, help Islam to rule the world.

Speaking of doing harm, can you imagine just how much harm a group of elite doctors could do in the world - people with an innate understanding of human biology - if they chose to try and hurt people?

This is scary, and unfortunately far too many radicals have risen up in such fashion.

According to the International Herald Tribune, George Habash, a doctor and founder of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Fathi Shikaki (now deceased) a doctor and founder of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were in the medical field. Further, Mahmoud Zahar and several more leaders of Hamas have been trained as doctors.

Then of course, there's Osama bin Laden, an engineer, and Ayman al-Zawahri, his number two in Al Qaeda, once a practicing doctor (and also reported to be ex-KGB, or atleast trained at one time in a KGB camp).

So, here's the thing. We know Al-Qaeda wants to set off an American Hiroshima and rule the world (pretty well documented).

We also know that Hezbollah - funded in part by Syria and Iran - considers us the enemy and subscribes to similar beliefs.

Last, all one has to do is read the beginning of this article to understand that there are several other radical Islamic groups which subscribe to a view that Islam is destined to overthrow other religions and take over the world.

So there is obviously a big time push to get this done. In other words, the idea is clearly there to take over the world in radical Islamic circles. In fact, that seems to be their overall purpose (again, with radicals, not all Muslims).

Further, the radicals' means to do this - people with knowledge of biology (biological weapons fostered by doctors, anyone?) and structures (how about those engineers like Osama bin Laden?) - is growing. Furthering that point, the Cold War nuclear weapons that may still be hidden in the United States and the radical ties to other influential organizations in the know on these, like the former KGB (read up on such articles right here at can only serve to foster the concern that radical Islam's means to accomplish their purpose is growing.

In other words, there may be more than one way to bring down the United States.

Which of course leaves us guessing.

Finally, the number of Islamic radicals appears to be increasing with each new day. In the middle east children are being taught Jihad by a very young age. And the numbers that hate the United States, Great Britain, freedom and democracy do not appear to be lessening, they appear to be growing. Fast.

Pretty scary when you come to realize that most radicals don't just want to make a statement; they want to destroy everything that America and the free world seems to believe in.

Here's to hoping that those espousing peace within the Muslim religion can begin to put a stop to radical hatred because right now it doesn't look like those touched by radicals are going to listen to the United States anytime soon.


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