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The Perfect Storm: Will Widespread Terrorist Attacks Take Down the West?

by James Roberts, Copyright ©
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News commentators like Glenn Beck (CNN) (Beck is now with FOX News, at the time of this writing) and authors such as Joel Rosenberg (Epicenter), have talked about the threat of a "Perfect Storm" of terrorist attacks on the West a number of times on national television in recent months.
We've also talked about this in a number of articles and posts on the SOS message board.

Namely, Al Qaeda's desire to put together a "perfect storm" of terrorist attacks on the same day or during the same time period that would throw our country into a state of chaos -- ultimately destroying our economy and creating a state of severe "financial depression" that would create mass joblessness, hunger, and civil unrest across the entire population.

MSNBC (3/30/08) - Order given to Al Qaeda to select targets and carry out attacks

Enough said on that.

Beyond indicating that in any "Perfect Day" or "Perfect Storm" type scenario to harm the United States and take down the West, it's likely that these people might actually target what we hold most dear.

On top of that, here are some of other things that officials and you should keep an eye out for.

Terror on Planes

"Allah loves us to die and kill in his path," said Umar Islam on video, a man that British officials have charged as of one of eight taking part in an alleged plot to blow up 10 passenger jets back in 2006.

"There are many more like us, and many more like me ready to strike," he said later. In other words, the World Trade Center attacks may have not been replicated yet, but that doesn't mean Al Qaeda and their terrorist friends aren't trying. Along with this, ABC News has reported that U.S. officials have been collecting would be bombs from airport security and officials around the globe in an effort to bring the threat directly to the people. In other words, seeing is believing.

Said another way, Osama bin Laden and his cronies (even with Bin Laden in the grave nowadays) would love nothing more than to put into motion a set of several airplane attacks in quick succession against U.S. and British interests. Oh yeah, and just in case you were wondering: The bombs the terrorists are trying to bring onto planes are looking more and more like everyday items.

We're talking watches and electric toothbrushes here, folks.

ABC NEWS (4/10/08) - Exclusive Look at What TSA Says Are Terrorists' Latest Tactics

Mass Shootings / Suicide Bombs in Shopping Malls, at Sporting Events, and in the Financial District

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Over in Israel, Palestinian suicide bombers at malls and areas of high population are, unfortunately, an all too frequent disturbance. Recently, a shooting at a mall in Omaha created quite a large and terrifying stir.

A murderous one, in fact.

There are always a lot of people at malls, sporting events, and the financial district. Furthering that, there are a lot of children at two of the three. Nothing would spark more fear into our world than harming our children, and that's exactly what these terrorists and Al Qaeda want: To spark fear in us so that we retaliate. In turn, in their warped minds, this will give them the ability to start the Holy War they so desire against the western world.

On top of it all, there's the byproduct attached to the threat of suicide bombings in our financial districts. After all, if you want to bring the U.S. to its knees, then threatening their money-which would ultimately lead to stock market issues-would be a major move.

The good thing is that security has picked up at these events and places in a big way. The bad thing is that security is never foolproof. And the terrorists would love nothing more than to target several of these areas along with airplanes in a Perfect wave of attacks over a short period of time.

Dirty Bomb Attacks in Major Cities -- Radiation / Chemical Attacks

The bottom line on dirty bombs is that they can do a ton of damage (over a small area) in that they're highly radioactive. The term dirty bomb, in fact, refers to a conventional explosive like dynamite laced with radioactive residue. When the bomb is set off, the residue is also.

These explosives can kill and destroy a lot over short distances in most cases, and larger distances in others (areas with a breeze, for example, as well as the amount of radiation and size of the bomb used in the attack).

And there's nothing that Al Qaeda wants more than to do just that in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston... You get the picture.

The bottom line is that nuclear "dirty bombs" are about as scary as it gets (other than a traditional nuclear bomb) and there's plenty of information out there that Al Qaeda is trying to get these.

In fact, there's some evidence to suggest that they may already have nuclear devices and dirty bombs in their possession.

Which is one of the suspected reasons that Israel bombed a reported nuclear site in Syria, where North Korean nuclear scientists were believed to be. In recent days (at the time of this writing), Israel is reported to be releasing more information on this suspected nuclear proliferation by North Korea to forces in Syria.

4/10/08 - Israel May Reveal Details of Attack on Alleged Syrian Nuclear Program

In the end, Al Qaeda is still hell bent on destroying all that we in America hold dear. The proof, from saying they want to kill us, to being in possession of American school plans, to attempted attacks on jets, is all there if you're willing to see it.

The question is: Are you willing to see this?

You have to hope that everyone doesn't go and conveniently forget what these people once did to us (9-11) and that Bin Laden has called for the death of four million Americans -- even specifically stating that two million must be children -- to make up for the death's he blames on U.S. atacks in Islamic nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, where many Muslims have died as a result.

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