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North Korea and Red Dawn: How Real is the Threat?

North Korea and Red Dawn
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-- the military threat from North Korea has not subsided -- here, the "Cold War" is not over, and the North's military remains formidable, unpredictable and dangerous. A significant concern is the North's SOF, designed to wage war on a "second front."
-- General John H. Tilelli Jr., Commander in Chief, Combined Forces Command
In the new version of "Red Dawn" (on DVD now for several months and a remake of the 1981 hit movie), North Korea launches a massive attack on the Pacific Northwest of the United States, involving fighter jets, bombers, and ground forces. Local defenses in the region are overwhelmed and fall.

To make matters worse for the U.S. a mysterious event late the prior evening had shut down the power grid to the entire West Coast -- a large scale blackout; apparently some kind of "electromagnetic pulse" weapon had been used by North Korea and allies, though the movie never goes into detail about the cause of the blackout.

There wasn't time to find out the cause -- the attacks by North Korea followed too soon after.

Is Today's North Korea Really the Threat Shown in the New "Red Dawn"?

With this remake of "Red Dawn", this is a question a lot of people might be wondering -- just how big is the threat from North Korea?

North Korea - the Fourth Largest Military in the World

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To start with, North Korea is the fourth largest military in the world with what might be the most hate-filled government in power anywhere today. They are also reported to be the world's largest organized crime "family" and suspected (sometimes known) to have had their hands in a number of illegal activities. Their leaders have been compared to the mafia. See: North Korea leaders compared to mafia and Shady business: N Korea and crime

North Korea Has 3 Times as Many Special Forces Soldiers as America

They have three times as many special forces soldiers as America (at the time of this writing).

Their special forces soldiers have conducted attacks and assassinations (and assassination attempts) on South Korea a number of times, a lot like America's use of Navy Seals and other U.S. Special Forces soldiers.

They have invaded one of the largest cities in the world -- Seoul, South Korea -- as the Korean War got under way in 1950.

They have developed nuclear weapons; they test fire missiles every year and also rockets capable of carrying satellites into space. Some of those launches are long range missiles capable of hitting the United States.

They are in a growing alliance with one the West's most dangerous enemies -- Iran -- dangerous because Iran is suspected to be connected to the majority of the world's terrorist activities.

North Korea's Grudge

North Korea has several reasons for holding a deep grudge against America dating back to the Korean War and every year since that we have occupied and protected South Korea after beating back North Korean forces, even after they had invaded the capital city, Seoul.

They had 100,000 troops in South Korea and Seoul. America killed 70,000 -- the majority of North Korea's invading force -- repelling the invasion and saving the capital.

Westerners (including Americans) have challenged Communist teachings in North Korea by spreading the message of God through the Bible. (Christianity is highly illegal in North Korea and simply having a Bible in your possession can result in a sentence of life imprisonment in a hard labor camp.) One more reason to hate America, even if not all Americans share Bible beliefs.

North Korea Accused of Genocide and State-Sanctioned Murders

Robert Park at ("Know the Asia Pacific") writes: "Certainly, North Korea is believed to have committed acts that many would consider genocide, including executions and state-sanctioned murders, the systematic use of torture, state-induced mass starvation in political prison camps (and arguably elsewhere), forcible abortions and infanticide, and the forcible transfer and enslavement of children.

In 2007, Christian Solidarity Worldwide published a report based on seven years of research, and written by international lawyers, which concluded that there are indications of genocide taking place against religious groups in North Korea, specifically against Christians. Indeed, Christian watchdogs such as Open Doors and Release International rate North Korea as the world's most egregious violator of religious rights. But North Korea's policy towards its indigenous religious population extends far beyond "persecution" -- religious believers and their families are being exterminated."

Hitting North Korea Where it Hurts -- the Bank

Finally, UN embargoes have struck North Korea where it hurts -- the country's bank accounts.

So is it really safe for America to be going after the world's largest crime family's money through these embargoes?

It's safe to say that America has a special place in North Korea's heart; they despise us. But they're not the only nation that hates the U.S. --

Iran hates America for our alliances with Israel and presence in the Middle East.

North Korea has a lot more reasons to hate us.

North Korea's Obsession with South Korea

It's no secret that North Korea has an obsession with South Korea -- an obsession based perhaps on their failed attempt in the Korean War to take the South due to America's entry into the Korean War pushing them out of Seoul, the capital city they had taken.

Talk about taking a beating from the U.S. The majority of their invasion force was killed.

America is deeply hated by a government with a history of making rash moves and acting on it's anger -- whether it's North Korean Special Forces attacks and assassinations (or just attempts) on South Korean leaders, or this recent missile attack of South Korea that resulted in only a couple fighter jets returning fire, but no actual bombing, from America and allies.

U.K. Guardian (11/23/2010): North Korea: a deadly attack, a counter-strike -- now Koreans hold their breath

North Korea and Red Dawn - Danger to America's Homeland?

In the original Red Dawn Soviet forces (Russian, Cuban and Nicaraguan) parachute into a Colorado town as other parts of the U.S. are also attacked as part of a large scale invasion of America.

But in the new Red Dawn it's not solely Soviet forces -- it's a broader scope -- Communist forces from more than one nation launch simultaneous attacks, with Russia seizing control of the eastern seaboard of the United States, while the West Coast falls to North Korea.

Don't think this is possible?

That shows that neither you (or I before this research) quite understand the size and extent of the North Korean military --

Combined, North Korea's military and Russia's military -- and also China's military -- both allies of North Korea -- that army is larger than America's and capable of attacking America on every front and then some (from the land, air, sea, and cyberspace, and even outer space (think satellites and rockets in orbit around the Earth).

Red Dawn is very possible.

What North Korea Has Said

North Korea has made some very threatening comments toward South Korea, such as this threat made earlier this year:

"North Korea's military vowed a new and unusually specific threat to its neighbors, saying it would reduce South Korea 'to ashes' in less than four minutes."

The problem is that when North Korea makes this kind of threat to the South, the U.S. is included. Since the Korean War America has been firmly allied with South Korea and for many decades has stood in the way and continue to stand in the way of North Korea's desire to create a "unified Korea".

Continued Threats Made by North Korea

The New York Times reports in 2008 a similar threat being made: North Korea Threatens to Reduce South Korea to 'Ashes' at Slightest Provocation

"At the height of a 1993-94 crisis over the North's efforts to build nuclear weapons, North Korea threatened to turn Seoul into 'a sea of fire,' setting off a panic in the South that prompted residents to rush to stock up on food."

What is keeping North Korea from launching those attacks? Namely South Korea's alliance with the U.S.

What has North Korea said about the U.S.?

CNN - North Korean threats to the U.S. (2/27/2012): "North Korea said it's ready to fight a war with the United States and South Korea, as the two allies kicked off their annual joint military drills Monday, according to state-run media. Hundreds of thousands of troops are poised for a war carrying nuclear war equipment," North Korea's KCNA news agency reported, saying Pyongyang considers the drills to be practice for a preemptive strike on the North.

Specific Threats to the U.S. Made by North Korea

U.K. Guardian (4/18/2012): North Korea warns US of retaliation over scrapped food aid

U.K. Guardian (11/23/2010): North Korea boasts of defeating US with 'single blow'

"North Korea has warned that its army has 'powerful modern weapons' that could defeat the US with a 'single blow', as the isolated state continued to ramp up rhetoric ahead of an expected nuclear test."

What does America Say Back?

The U.K. Guardian reports: Dan Pinkston, who heads the International Crisis Group's Seoul office: "I think it is bluster, it is kind of absurd. The US has robust second-strike capabilities, if they had a war with the US, they would cease to exist."

That fact (second-strike capabilities) is what continues to keep North Korea from making a move on South Korea, as well as attacking America on the homeland and getting vengeance for America's actions and simply presence on the Korean peninsula.

But what if North Korea could eliminate America's "robust second-strike capabilities"?

Eliminating America's nuclear defenses and Air Force and Navy across the many regions America is located in is an unlikely scenario -- but then when we consider that North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran (and a few other nations they're each allied with) may all be in bed together, hashing out plans for an American fall -- we must conclude that it is a possibility.

Are we Being Overly Suspicious?

Actually what I said above is an understatement -- it's not that North Korea, Russia, China and Iran may be in bed together -- they are in bed together. If China is breaking UN embargoes to help arm North Korea, and if Russia is supplying scientists (or has supplied those scientists in the past) to help in the development of nuclear technology in both North Korea and Iran; and finally if Russia and China continue to oppose U.S. requests to the UN for sanctions against Iran and North Korea, which seems to happen periodically --

Preparing for War

The formula exists for a real life alliance that should have most American's stocking up like National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers, perhaps a lot like people in Europe should have stocked up on food and emergency supplies when Nazi Germany became an obvious threat following it's seizure of Austria in the 1930s leading up to World War II.

Yahoo News reports on 12/3/2012: "Countries trying to stop North Korea's arms program believe it is using rocket launches to perfect technology to build a missile arsenal capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the United States."

North Korea's Special Forces - Over 180,000 Soldiers

Wikipedia writes: "North Korea is the most militarized country in the world today,[6] having the fourth largest army in the world, at about 1,106,000 armed personnel, with about 20% of men ages 17-54 in the regular armed forces.[7] Military service of up to 10 years is mandatory for most fit people. It also has a reserve force comprising 7,700,000 personnel.[8] It operates an enormous network of military facilities scattered around the country, a large weapons production basis, a dense air defense system,[8] the third largest chemical weapons stockpile in the world,[9] and includes the world's largest Special Forces contingent (numbering 180,000 men).[10] While the aging equipment,[11] deriving from the economic plight of the country, is seen as major defect of the North Korean military capability, it is nevertheless regarded as a significant threat due to its size and proximity to major civilian areas."

America has Green Berets, Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, Army Rangers, and Delta Force -- but North Korea has a lot more Special Forces soldiers as a whole. See: Countering North Korean Special Purpose Forces

With their eyes on South Korea for so long, North Korean Special Forces are likely to be trained for large scale invasion -- I don't think America has trained it's forces to repel something along these lines (not outside South Korea) -- or we'd have a lot more special forces soldiers in place to protect the homeland.

America has done a great job building a number of small special forces teams that are highly trained, incredibly fit, and battle ready, who can be dispatched anywhere in the world on short notice; but what does that do for protecting the homeland against a military force trained for invasion and seizing control of cities, airfields, roads, soft targets, and critical infrastructure?

Factors Favoring North Korea

Nuclear weapons smuggled into America will likely be a factor, as well as a high number of precise attacks by highly trained soldiers on "critical targets" and "soft targets".

If North Korea can threaten to march nukes into South Korea, we should assume they have the capability to march nukes into America as well -- if they're really the world's largest crime family. Don't forget all the reports comparing North Korea's government to the mafia -- smuggling, extortion, bribery, threats of violence; these are all hallmarks of organized crime in full swing.

Look at this quote again by North Korea: "Hundreds of thousands of troops are poised for a war carrying nuclear war equipment..."

During the Cold War the U.S. had plans (according to a report I read) to use small nukes strapped to Green Berets to deter a Soviet invasion of Europe. These Green Berets would be parachuted into place and detonate these nukes near key bridges and roads, slowing down any invasion attempts by the Soviets.

Did North Korea let it slip in the quote above that they plan on doing the same with strategic small nukes strapped to NK soldiers? Or maybe they meant these are nukes that can be carried in a truck or bus; in other words, a "suitcase nuke" such as those made famous in the Cold War days when Russia was rumored to have smuggled suitcase nukes into the U.S., which were then placed by Soviet agents at various "dead drop" sites.

The Most Dangerous Nation in the World?

If North Korea is truly involved with organized crime, which could give them the channels for smuggling weapons and people into other nations such as America, they might be the most dangerous nation in the world; well, there was one other world leader in recent years with even more potential connections to organized crime channels that reach across America -- that leader was Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's former president, who by the way was also an outspoken enemy of the U.S. and a close friend and ally of Iran as well as an ally of North Korea.

Even with Chavez deceased, Venezuela's regime has those North Korea and Iran alliances that open up those smuggling channels for people, money, and weapons to potentially fund attacks on the U.S. in the years ahead.

Unless of course all these threats from North Korea are just bluster and nothing's ever going to come from it... Who's willing to gamble that? That's not a bet I would want to make. When a mad dog regime threatens to annihilate your country with nukes ... that's a threat that only an idiot regime would ignore.

Border Wars

In US congressional testimony in 2000, Frank J Cilluffo, an expert of transnational crime at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, made the interesting observation that 'unlike Latin America or Europe, where organized crime attempts to penetrate the state, North Korea is penetrating organized crime'.

That was 12 years ago. North Korea has had plenty of time to get on board with organized crime.

Fears in South Korea

One report from a U.S. Air Force major states: "North Korea's Special Purpose Forces are poised to infiltrate into South Korea and disrupt the South Koreas' rear area operations. This force is capable of massing and appearing anywhere if hostilities recommence between the two Koreas. With over 104,000 highly trained and fanatical soldiers, this light infantry unit possesses the ability to inflict great harm upon ROK and U.S. forces in South Korea."

104,000 special forces soldiers (of the 180,000 soldiers reported to be in the North Korean Special Forces) are said to be highly trained and fanatical; what if North Korea ever dispatched 10,000 - 20,000 or more highly trained, fanatical soldiers to America?

War Games

America can wipe North Korea off the map, if it wanted to.

Which is why for North Korea to have any hope in a battle with America, it has to have an extremely well planned and coordinated preemptive first strike (think series of first strikes).

At the same time, America's second-strike capabilities need to be eliminated -- just one second-strike could be a nuke that levels Pyongyang (North Korea's capital).

Regarding North Korea's large number of special forces, what if those forces lent support to other special forces from nations like Russia, China, and Iran? Combined, that's a lot of strategic targets across America that could be targeted by highly trained soldiers very capable of carrying out critical assignments -- including killing key people in government and detonating small nukes near military installations.

I believe the odds are against America facing a combined force of special forces soldiers with critical assignments: North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran could target so many "critical targets" in America that the only hope we'd have would be to launch nukes at every country that was attacking --

World War III -- global thermonuclear war.

Eliminating America's Nuclear Defenses

North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran have to shut down our nuclear defenses first. That's the only way to reduce the risk of America annihilating world capitals with nukes.

An EMP (or multiple EMPs) preceded by a massive cyber attack across critical defense networks and communications satellites -- perhaps a plan from a Communist playbook would read along these lines, and then some of course.

I don't know how exactly America's enemies might eliminate our nuclear defenses and chief deterrent to invasion -- they've had a lot of time and a lot of people with high IQs to figure that one out. All I know is what a lot of you already know, and what our Pentagon knows -- America would be in serious hot water should Communist nations, their allied friends in South America, and Russia, attack the West.

America's Special Forces

Let's count the number of soldiers in America's Special Forces:

Army Rangers -- One site reports, "At any given time there are roughly 2,000-2,200 Rangers serving in 3 Ranger Battalions and 75th Ranger Regimental Headquarters."

Navy Seals -- Reports say about 2,500 active duty Navy SEALs.

Army Green Berets -- The Washington Times reports that Army Green Berets numbers are falling short: "The Army's Green Berets, a key weapon in the war on terror, are operating at under their authorized strength because of the high-attrition qualification course and because of the lure of higher-paying security work at private companies, military officials say." In this article (dated 2005) the Green Berets were said to have 3950 soldiers.

Army Delta Force -- Highly trained in counter-terrorism, if America came under attack, I'm sure the Pentagon has contingency plans for using this group in Homeland defense -- but like each of the special forces units above that contain less than 5,000 soldiers each, the Army Delta Force only numbers around 1,000.

Marines Force Recon -- I had trouble finding concrete numbers but I did find one person who said that Marine Force Recon numbers between 1200 and 1800 soldiers.

In all America is said to have 60,000 trained Special Forces soldiers, but a lot of them may not be "direct action" fighters like Army Rangers and Navy Seals; instead several thousand may simply be support and back end logistics.

Considering that several of our special forces are trained for counter-terrorism, and that we number a lot less than North Korea's special forces, North Korea has us outnumbered here.

And that's just North Korea.

North Korea Communist Ties

Here's an ominous fact about North Korea and its Communist ties to the former Soviet Union. The Soviet Union (Russia) has been a "parent" or "mentor" of sorts to North Korea for many decades. Their ties are deep. Wikipedia writes:

"Just after World War II and during the Soviet Union's occupation of the part of Korea north of the 38th Parallel, the Soviet 25th Army headquarters in Pyongyang issued a statement ordering all armed resistance groups in the northern part of the peninsula to disband on October 12, 1945. Two thousand Koreans with previous experience in the Soviet army were sent to various locations around the country to organize constabulary forces with permission from Soviet military headquarters, and the force was created on October 21."

That was the 1940s. The North Koreans were deeply involved with the Soviets, receiving military training, vehicles, and weapons.

Jump ahead to the 1970s. Wikipedia writes: "In the early 1970s, following the lead of Soviet military leaders and theorists who were rediscovering and beginning to apply the 1920s-1930s thinking of Soviet military theorists Alexander Svechin, Mikhail Tukhachevsky, Vladimir Triandafillov, and others on operational art and 'deep operations,' the Soviet-trained officers of the KPA were developing their version, termed 'Two Front War.'[14] As they envisioned it, a very large conventional force, greatly reinforced with artillery, armor, and mechanized forces, employing surprise, speed, and shock, would break through the DMZ, envelop and destroy South Korean forward forces, and rapidly overrun the entire peninsula."

Even as recently as the 1970s -- years after the Korean War -- the Soviet Union was still deeply involved with the development of North Korea's military.

Both were Communist nations -- both saw the rise of Western nations as a threat to Communism. We can guess that during the Cold War, when America's chief rival was the Soviet Union for so many years, the U.S. would have had a weary eye on North Korea at the same time -- especially since America was responsible for the liberation of South Korea during the Korean War.

During the opening phases of the war, North Korea (the KPA, or "Korean People's Army") had captured Seoul. But then America killed 70,000 of an initial force numbering over 100,000 KPA. By 1953 and the end of the war North Korea had sustained 290,000 casualties and lost 90,000 men as POWs.

The Korean War was a Proxy War -- The U.S. vs. Soviet Union and China

With the U.S. supplying forces to the South, and the North receiving training, weapons, and vehicles from the Soviet Union as well as troops from China at one point in the war, history records the Korean War as a proxy war -- both sides were sponsored by external powers; these external powers each wanted to see the other take a beating in the war.

Wikipedia writes: "The United States of America provided 88% of the 341,000 international soldiers which aided South Korean forces in repelling the invasion, with twenty other countries of the United Nations offering assistance. Suffering severe casualties, within two months the defenders were pushed back to a small area in the south of the Korean Peninsula, known as the Pusan perimeter. A rapid U.N. counter-offensive then drove the North Koreans past the 38th Parallel and almost to the Yalu River, when the People's Republic of China (PRC) entered the war on the side of North Korea.[16] Chinese intervention forced the Southern-allied forces to retreat behind the 38th Parallel. While not directly committing forces to the conflict, the Soviet Union provided material aid to both the North Korean and Chinese armies. The fighting ended on 27 July 1953, when the armistice agreement was signed. The agreement restored the border between the Koreas near the 38th Parallel and created the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a 2.5-mile (4.0 km)-wide fortified buffer zone between the two Korean nations. Minor incidents continue to the present day. With both North Korea and South Korea sponsored by external powers, the Korean War was a proxy war."

America in a Proxy War Against Communist Nations

So the Korean War was a proxy war with America going up against Communist nations -- and giving the Communist nations a beating.

Readers, the fact of the matter is this -- today North Korea is still a strong friend and ally of Russia and China.

China -- Breaking UN Embargo: Supplying Weapons Parts and Technology To North Korea

See: Chinese firms breaking UN embargo on North Korea.

"Chinese firms are breaking a United Nations embargo by supplying North Korea with key components for ballistic missiles including launch vehicles, according to evidence provided by an intelligence agency in the region."

From a military perspective, there is a lot to be concerned about from these relationships. Communist regimes have a history of stamping out opposition -- they are cruel from our standpoint. If it wasn't for America's intervention so many times in recent years (voices from the West speaking out against the ways Communist governments have treated their own people at times, and currently in North Korea), there would likely be a lot more cruelty in Communist nation's today.

As it is -- North Korea is a dangerous place to live for anyone who doesn't share and embrace their Communist leaders and laws.

America is Not the Largest Army in the World

If North Korea is the fourth largest army in the world, and China is the second largest army in the world (by dollars spent that is -- though they do have the world's largest standing army at over 3,000,000 members), and Russia is also one of the world's largest militaries --

Combined these nations make up the largest army in the world.

North Korea alone has more special forces troops than America. That's just in North Korea. Then we've got Russia's special forces -- Spetznaz for example -- feared and respected around the world for their military training and expertise -- and brutality.

North Korea - A Country on the Brink of War

The fact of the matter is this: North Korea is a country on the brink of war and has talked itself into thinking that they can take on the biggest players in the world -- namely the U.S.

There are so many news reports of angry and violent threats made from North Korea that it's a miracle the West has allowed North Korea to continue to exist as a sovereign nation: We took down Saddam Hussein. We took down Muammar Gaddafi (Libya).

We haven't touched North Korea -- other than UN embargoes, which when it comes to a money-hungry government aligned with organized crime, is probably like shaking a hornet's nest.

My point: North Korea is a dangerous entity -- just ask South Korea -- if left unchecked North Korea is likely to do something violent and brutal at some point and that is not likely to occur unless they feel they have China and Russia right there with them, backing them up in some way.

In fact if it wasn't for China's and Russia's backing today, there would probably be a lot less noise coming from North Korea.

Stalemate with North Korea

With so many intelligent people on both sides of the conflict (both in the Pentagon and the KPA), there is currently a stalemate of sorts -- North Korea can continue to build itself up and make threats -- the West can only listen and watch. It seems to know that if you shake up a hornets' nest you're not likely to beat it into submission and make it fear you -- no, when you shake up a hornet's nest all you're going to do is unleash it's fury.

There is an anger and deep pride in North Korea -- there's a desire to see the West fall and a "unified Korea" rise from the ashes of South Korea's demise. They took Seoul once. They believe they can take it again.

And Then There's Iran ...

Considering North Korea's alliances with Iran; considering Iran's alliances with Russia and China as well as nations in South America like Venezuela and Nicaragua -- considering all of the hate for America from these nations and the recognition that America doesn't have the resources or man power to fight a war against so many countries --

America is a sitting duck.

That's why we're most likely living in the days leading up to World War III.

Trigger Point

What will be the trigger? Will America's enemies attack first, part of a preemptive and very well coordinated plan involving multiple nations?

We have a glaring weakness -- a number of soft spots -- that is, we can be attacked from within our own borders easier and with more people and weapons than any other nation on earth.

Who knows how many people from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are living in America right now, with loyalties to the nations that put them here? If Americans can stockpile weapons, so can the aliens that live among us.

A Few More Factors to Consider

Consider this dynamic ...

North Korea wants South Korea -- but the U.S. stands in the way.

China wants Taiwan -- but the U.S. stands in the way.

Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map -- but the U.S. stands in the way.

Multiple nations benefit from an American fall.

What the Critics Say

Critics who don't believe there's any threat of war will say that global trade is too important -- that business with America is central to many of these nations and that they need America.

I can agree with that -- if we lived in a peaceful world that is.

However, we don't live in a peaceful world. We live in a dangerous world with signs that trouble is on the horizon.

The threats we hear from North Korea and Iran are signs of trouble.

The "little guys" are talking tough, really tough. Even after watching Iraq fall to American forces and Saddam Hussein hiding in a spider hole and then executed from the gallows.

Iran and North Korea know what the Pentagon knows and why the Pentagon has not nor cannot do anything about these threats -- China and Russia are in bed with Iran and North Korea -- that's my conclusion. And so, unlike the attacks on Iraq that toppled Saddam, nothing is happening with Iran or North Korea.

The continuing threat that China could topple the American dollar is also on the Pentagon's radar.

If North Korea and Allied Nations Attack America -- it Will Be Preemptive

That means if an attack on America from North Korea and other nations is heading our way as we saw in the remake of the movie Red Dawn just released in theaters, it's going to be preemptive

It will be part of a planned first-strike.

If a first-strike comes from North Korea and it's allies, it's likely to be a very intelligent and thought out first-strike.

Between Russia, China, Iran and North Korea -- that's a pretty big "think tank" with a lot of brains and dollars to spend on people, weapons, technology, and military planning.

North Korea and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Wikipedia writes: "North Korea (officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK) declared in 2009 that it had developed a nuclear weapon, and is widely believed to possess a small stockpile of relatively simple nuclear weapons. The CIA assesses that North Korea also has a substantial arsenal of chemical weapons. North Korea was a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty but withdrew in 2003, citing the failure of the United States to fulfill its end of the Agreed Framework, a 1994 agreement between the states to limit North Korea's nuclear ambitions, begin normalization of relations, and help North Korea supply some energy needs through nuclear reactors. On October 9, 2006, the North Korean government issued an announcement that it had successfully conducted a nuclear test for the first time. Both the United States Geological Survey and Japanese seismological authorities detected an earthquake with a preliminary estimated magnitude of 4.3 in North Korea, corroborating some aspects of the North Korean claims.[4] On 6 January 2007, the North Korean government further confirmed that it had nuclear weapons.[5] In April 2009, reports surfaced that North Korea has become a "fully fledged nuclear power", an opinion shared by IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei.[6] On May 25, 2009, North Korea conducted another nuclear test, which is believed to have been the cause of a magnitude 4.7 seismic event.[1] Although there is no official information about the test's location, it is believed that it happened in the north-eastern region near Kilju, the site of the first nuclear test.[7] North Korea is assumed to have at least six nuclear weapons, but its military uranium enrichment program could boost the stockpile to as many as 48 weapons by 2015."

Read that last sentence again. North Korea could have as many as 48 weapons by 2015. It's now 2012, three years since that statement by the IAEA director -- is North Korea sitting on 20-30 nuclear weapons right now?

How Many Nukes Does it Take to Destroy Key U.S. Targets?

The United States has the world's largest military, in terms of dollars spent. I think we have an idea now why the Pentagon has spent so much money on defense.

America doesn't have a choice but to spend money on defense -- the risks are too great; the probability of an attack by nations opposed to the West is just too high.

What do we do with this knowledge?

I think it would be a wise move to consider that World War III may be just ahead. That doesn't mean hole yourself up in a bunker like a National Geographic Doomsday Prepper and wait for global thermonuclear war and simply hope that you survive.

While prepping for war and widespread disaster is probably called for nowadays, there's more to the story than simply holing yourself up in a bunker with 20 years of freeze dried food and a stockpile of weapons and bottled water --

Today, you can get your life right with God -- because a study of the Bible shows that the next world war seems to be something right out of the pages of the Book of Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible. Immediately following that war will be the darkest and most dangerous period of human history -- the "Great Tribulation" as Jesus called it in Matthew 24 -- before the re-birth of earth and God taking control of mankind and putting his own government in place.

With America possibly on the brink of collapse and the West facing World War III, if mankind is going to continue as a species, it's going to need a new government, one not from this world -- one that can stand the test of time. Without this new government of God coming into power, as we're told in Revelation, it seems we're only likely to destroy ourselves.

Enslaved to other Nations

Red Dawn may become a self-fulfilling prophecy for America; Americans locked away in concentration camps; entire cities and states under Communist rule. Slave-conditions in brutal work-camps as America's rich resources (oil, minerals, and agriculture) are sought by the people now in power.

Think about that today on your lunch break or as you drive through traffic -- that you and your neighbors may get to know each other well, working as slaves in a North Korean, Chinese, or Russian work camp on American soil.

Slavery in America ... back from the dead ... Throughout the Old Testament the Israelites were enslaved to enemy nations as judgement for turning away from God -- if America's fall is out of the Book of Revelation we can expect to see something like that again.

America has turned away from God.

It might be too late for our country as a whole to turn back to God but it's not too late for each of us on a personal level to turn back -- and save ourselves from probable doom.

There is no other way to escape the judgements of God.

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