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Global Terror - The Iran, Nicaragua, and North Korea Conspiracy

by James Roberts, Copyright ©
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Not too long ago MSNBC reported that Hezbollah militia (a Shiite Muslim group) had established a base in South America.
In case you didn't know, the Hezbollah militia is in essence backed by Iran. They also happen to have a lot of money and are really good at hating Americans in every conceivable way.

In fact, according to the MSNBC article in question, militia members, U.S. officials, and, various police agencies believe these Islamist radicals are quite willing to die in order to prove their disdain for America.

MSNBC: Hezbollah (Islamic radicals) build base in South America

This base, by the way, can be found in a remote area of South America that touches the borders of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. This area is known as the Tri Border; it is also known for its lawlessness.

Unfortunately, as many Americans are aware, it is far too easy to cross the Mexican border and there is no doubt that Hezbollah wants to do just that.

Enter Nicaragua

There's this small country called Nicaragua that you may have heard of. Nicaragua is located south of El Salvador and north of Panama. In other words, it's quite close to Mexico. And, of course, we know that terrorists have been getting into the United States via the Mexican border. In fact, the problem is rather well documented (just try a google search on the topic if you need proof).

So why does this matter? Well, that's easy to surmise for anyone that's been watching world news. The president of Nicaragua, Mr. Daniel Ortega, recently visited Mahmoud Ahmandinejad in Iran. In case you didn't know, Ahmandinejad is the president of Iran.

REUTERS: Nicaragua leader in Iran, calls for new world order

In short, these two are as thick as thieves. So that would seem to beg a relatively obvious question.

What do they have in common? Perhaps - just perhaps, mind you - a hatred for the United States? After all, think about it. Why would Iran, a country known for harboring terrorists, be meeting with Ortega - in fact going so far as to have a photographed welcoming ceremony in Iran for Ortega that made world news?

Further, does it strike anyone else as a little bit more than just a coincidence that this is happening and Hezbollah now has a base in South America?

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How much do you want to bet that at least part of Ortega and Ahmandinejad's agenda had something to do with getting terrorists into the United States?

Of course, even if it didn't have anything to do with this (which is, of course, nearly impossible) there's still Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Chavez hates America and has made his disdain for George Bush clear for some time now. Think he might be convinced to help some terrorists cross into America?


Now here's the real question of the day. What do you think the terrorists might want to do in the United States once they get there? Newsflash: Captured Al Qaeda personnel and recovered documents have been indicating that there won't be another plane crash into a building. Oh no, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and friends (after all, it seems that all of these terrorist groups are now in cahoots with a single minded purpose) have something bigger in store.

An American Hiroshima.

That's right, word is that they're planning on setting off nuclear weapons in the United States of America. Several of them, in fact. And to connect some of the dots even further than already is the case, here's where they might get these nuclear weapons.

Iran in meetings with North Korea

Last month, the president of Iran visited North Korea. Here's what we know they have in common: North Korea has nuclear weapons and Iran wants them. Besides that, of course, both country's leaders harbor a deep hatred for the United States of America.

USA Today: High-level Iranian delegation visits N. Korea Iran 'is seeking N Korea's nuclear expertise'

The Cold War and Nuclear Suitcase Weapons

If you've been reading up here at, then you know that former Russian spies have stated on the record that the KGB had been given orders during the Cold War to find dead drop sites for weapons in the United States.

Along with this, it was noted that these sites might be used for nuclear weapons (suitcase bombs) as well. Further, there has been a mounting body of evidence that terrorist leaders have ties to former KGB members and have been in cahoots with the Russians for information on where these suitcase bombs may still be hidden in the United States.

Terrorists reported to have nuclear weapons in U.S.

Some in the know (like former FBI consultant Paul Williams) have actually gone on record saying that terrorists have already gotten nuclear weapons into the U.S. If this is true. . .

It's too horrible to think about.

Some cities in the U.S. would be in more danger than others

Who do Islamic terrorists seem to hate more than Americans? Well, possibly no one. That said, they do hate one subsection of Americans more than others, and that subsection is comprised of Jewish Americans.

So when looking for where the terrorists might look to detonate nuclear weapons (Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and everyone else under the sun) unfortunately one must look to areas with significant Jewish populations. Places like New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago. . .

You get the picture.

And finally, we've all heard the rumors that the MS-13 gang and other Mexican organized crime has been helping terrorists sneak into the country from Mexico. Question is why. The answer?

Could it be because they've got a deal with terrorists to help attack the suburbs while the rest of the world is focused on the devastation caused by the nuclear weapons that were set off?

In the end, the majority of this article is guesswork. Still, these are educated guesses that common sense would seem to lead toward.

If our ears, eyes, and minds are open, that is.


Lieberman: U.S. should weigh Iran attack

Hezbollah builds a Western base

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