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How to Avoid and Survive a Drone Attack

How to Survive a Drone Strike, Drone Attack
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America has been successfully targeting terrorists (while also killing scores of civilians at the same time) for many months now with Predator Drones. But in the day and age we live of technological advances taking place in multiple countries, America isn't alone anymore.
In recent months Israel shot down what's believed to be either an Iranian or Lebanese drone. Which means either Iran or another Islamic nation is turning out drones.

And now we face the grim reality that America too faces a new threat, a threat from a dark future that is bearing down on us fast.

Reader beware.

Drones Over America

The day is finally here -- the day that I have to write a survival manual to Americans and others in western nations about drones attacking from the sky. If you live in Israel, you may benefit from this today. In America it may still be a few years off. Or not. Iran may already have it's first drone here.

What do I mean by that? We know that Islamic nations are sending radicals from places like Pakistan to teach bomb making to Westerners, for attacks here at home. We can bet that they may start building drones over here also, right here, right here in a warehouse or factory packed with parts, blue prints, and weapons.

Remember -- in Iran they believe it's their destiny to destroy the West -- the infidels -- as taught in the Koran. They are committed. No U.N. embargoes are going to deter their religious fanaticism.

Radical Islam and Global Ambitions

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It's no new news that Radical Islam has it's eyes set on the West. Terrorists and the nations that support them want to burn the White House to the ground. What would happen should that day come where Iran is now flying it's flag over Washington D.C. and has it's own drones in the sky over America? A possible future, yes. A future that our enemies want to see, yes. Will we stop it?

Preparing for a Possible Future

Before you write this all off as doomsday talk -- wouldn't it be better to simply consider it a possibility and simply be ready in advance for when that day comes? Imagine the terrors that the people of Pakistan face today from American Predator Drones. You can bet that people in Israel are concerned now as well.

CNN 10/6/2012: Israel Shoots Down Drone

Autonomous Drones in Development

The U.S. government says it's at work on autonomous drones, meaning "self-operating"; they won't need a remotely control guided system; a drone will be able to patrol and fire on targets without someone else giving it directions and giving it the command to shoot.

The U.S., holding on to a semblance of civility, says that these self-operating drones will be programmed to be "ethical" in battle. Let's think about that for a moment, "ethical". What I take that to mean is that these drones will be programmed to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible. I have to say though America doesn't seem to be acting that ethically with it's current drones, proving that again and again by taking out terrorist targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan and then also taking out the people who show up to treat the wounded and even people who show up at the succeeding funeral. Where is "ethical in battle" in that?...

... killing the people that show up at the funeral? Reports from the area are that we are terrifying the locals on the same par as the Nazis had Londoners terrified in World War II Britain.

U.K. GUARDIAN 9/24/2012: Drones: the west's new terror campaign: The CIA's Predator drones are bringing to Pakistan the same horror that Hitler's doodlebugs inflicted on London

Think about that for a moment. Also think about the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of young Pakistani males who are hearing about these attacks by America from the sky. How many of these young men (some as young as 12 you can bet) would love to lash back, take up arms, and attack?

Americans Targetted by Drones

With all that said in just a moment, we'll discuss three key ways to survive if that day should come that American's are being targetted by enemy drones.

Danger from Pakistan

Today U.S. Predator Drones are hitting Pakistan targets and killing civilians at the same time again and again. If we were getting bombed here at home you can bet that even the most feeble among us would want to fight back and end the terror. The fury in Pakistan is building as the terror of American drones grows.

I'm not sure if that's smart. You see, Pakistan has nuclear weapons. In addition terrorist organizations operate in Pakistan. Heck, Osama Bin Laden was tracked down and killed in a Pakistan compound. In the end, Iran may not need to build nukes. It may just need to get it's hands on Pakistan's.

Knowing how much hatred is growing for America makes a "possible" future of a major terrorist strike more like a "probable" future.

We are going to be attacked by a monster.

How to Avoid A Drone Attack

Enough with the dramatic talk, though. This article is supposed to be about survival, and it's supposed to be about surviving a drone attack.

Our Afghan and Pakistan counterparts have a few weaknesses and they are ripe for the picking. When you live in a desert area, or simply just a dry area with a lot of rocks and dust and limited trees and brush, there's really not many places to hide. That's one reason why we're able to keep an eye on the countryside from the sky with spotter drones and then drop missiles at the right time and place with armed drones. Sometimes they're one and the same.

Know and Avoid Drone Strike Locations

America has also done a good job of getting eyes and ears on the ground. Soldiers, such as Green Berets who are trained to work independently, trained in psychological and unconventional warfare, may be one of the tools America is using right now to get information on terrorist locations. Green Berets (as well as CIA agents, some of Arab descent which you can bet helps) assimilate with locals, make contacts, look for information, sometimes paying for it; when they feel the information is good, they're able to call in Predator Drone strikes, sometimes on short notice. Torture may also be one of the tools being used to reveal terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. Then of course there's communications -- every conflict in the modern age has used communication intercepts to get insight on what the enemy is doing or is going to do next.

If we can listen in on terrorist chatter we can sometimes figure out who, what, when and where they're going to be. Once again, we call in a Predator Drone strike.

How to Hide from Drones

Let's say it's us, Americans, being targeted by drone attacks. Not by our own government of course. But by a government that's risen up where our government once stood if in fact we are one day attacked by terrorists and rogue nations with nuclear weapons.

We have a few things going for us that are lacking in the Middle East. We have a lot more land covered by forests and heavy brush. That means that drones in the sky acting as spotters for armed drones are likely to have a harder time finding us. We simply have to use our tree and brush cover effectively.

We also have time to think and plan and develop a strategy in advance for a threat that is already known. Terrorists being targeted by drones are having to come up with that plan right now -- they're having to change the dynamics of their organization on the fly, and that can be a hard thing to do, especially when caves and locations and routes have already been set in place. Predator Drones are narrowing terrorist capabilities to move freely in the Middle East -- at least in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Guerrilla Warfare - Fighting From Out of Sight

As said above, America in many places has heavy tree cover, heavy cover from brush. In the Vietnam War the Vietcong built incredibly vast tunnel systems, with underground command centers, store rooms for supplies, even troop housing. Sure the Vietcong had a natural tree cover from heavy jungle in many places, but with America dropping more and more Napalm they were going to need more than just tree cover to hide from American spotter planes. They fought many effective battles from their tunnels and underground quarters.

Survival Tip # 1 for Enemy Drone Attacks - Build network of tunnels, underground command centers, underground store rooms, and underground troop housing. Use the same effective methods the Vietcong used in the Vietnam War to hide from American spotter planes and Napalm attacks.

Coincidentally right now drug cartels are having to put more focus on underground drug movements across the Mexican border now that America is using drones to police the border (unarmed drones at the time of this writing). Drug cartels show that it is possible to continue operation out of site of patrolling Predator Drones. As more drones patrol the border, more cartels (and aliens crossing illegally) are going to be spotted forcing more to go underground, if they want to get across.

Survival Tip # 2 for Enemy Drone Strikes - Use camouflage! It's said that materials like metalized Mylar, Plexiglas, aluminum, gold and several types of pigment coatings will block a drone's capacity for infrared detection -- which are the human "heat signatures" that infrared detection equipment is used to detect.

First, of course, you would need to be sure that the camouflage material you had chosen could really do the trick.

Communication Intercepts - How to Avoid Enemy Eavesdropping

Survival Tip # 3 for Enemy Drone Attacks - Americans, if this situation should ever unfold, need to be aware that the enemy will eavesdrop on communications. That's what we're doing nowadays to terrorists -- when we pick up good information we send in drone strikes.

In this future scenario, that's what we want to avoid -- enemy eavesdropping. Will we even have cell phone service though? If cell towers are no longer functioning as one result of the fall of our current government (should that day occur), electronic communications may go the part of two-way and short-band radio or other electronic means of communication, whether it's radio or digital.

Who knows how Americans are going to communicate should the day come when all hell breaks loose? Just maybe cellular service will survive, even if companies that operate those cellular networks don't. If an "American resistance" fights back (surely, there will be people who will fight back) they may be able to get their hands on phones connected to new cellular networks and be back to using cell phone service once again. Whatever happens, whether it's a cell phone or even just the internet to send email, or two-way radio, there's always the risk that the enemy will pick up chatter. In World War II both the Americans and Japanese were skilled at cracking code, tipping the scales more than once in each other's favor.

But when the Americans turned to an ancient Native American language (that of the Navajo tribe), the Japanese were clueless to what was being said. They didn't speak Navajo. Think about that.

What's your code going to be should you find yourself a part of a future American resistance? How are you going to keep the enemy from cracking the code should their eavesdroppers tap into your communication lines? It only takes moments for a drone flying within the vicinity to be given whereabouts for a missile strike. One slip in communications and moments later your location might go up in smoke -- just ask any Afghan or Pakistani that's been taken out by a drone strike.

Take Out the Drones Before They're in the Air

Survival Tip # 4 for Enemy Drone Attacks - In 1979-1989 the Soviets were at war in Afghanistan, with the Soviet Army fighting Afghan forces known as the Mujahideen. The Soviets had a lot more fire power, machines, and resources than the Afghans, but they couldn't defeat them because the Afghans employed guerrilla war tactics, fighting from the mountains, just as they have been for many years fighting against Americans, and still are today. Guerrilla warfare is unconventional. Instead of attacking large troop movements with traditional troop movements, guerrillas attack in much smaller, much more mobile groups, inflicting damage on an enemy and then disappearing into the forest, jungle, or mountains where they hide and plan their next attack.

In the Soviet-Afghan war, the Soviets used helicopters to incite terror, perhaps much in the same way America is using Predator Drones right now in Pakistan. The Mujahideen were able to fight back by firing at the helicopters before take-off, meaning they would track down helicopters where they were based and take them out there (or at least attempt to).

That's how an American resistance can fight back -- we need to track down where enemy drones are based and use Guerrilla tactics to destroy as many as we can. We can hit the enemy also where drones are being built, before they're being shipped, and finally hit the enemy during drone transport, and last when drones are being unloaded (at port, for example).

Of course, the enemy is going is going to put protection up where these attacks are taking place, even moving locations concerning drone production, shipment, and basing.

At the least we buy time; we stop or slow down the terror of drone attacks from the sky. We live to fight another day.

When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
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