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China: A Growing Threat

by James Roberts and , Copyright ©
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Let's start this article by pointing out that China hasn't been a true friend to the United States in well... actually, forever. And when you're not a friend of the U.S. these days that probably means you're friends with the nations that are against us.
In China's case, that appears to be a correct assumption, especially in recent years.

Update: This article was originally published in 2007 and is in need of a lengthy update (check back soon for new, updated information on the China threat to the U.S. and the west).

The Evidence Showing a Growing Threat from China

Let's stay recent. First, consider what an ABC News article recently had to say in regard to our Asian counterparts. Namely, The Financial Times, citing unnamed official informants, reported in early September that the People's Liberation Army had hacked into a U.S. Government computer system. In fact, the report actually indicated that they had hacked into a computer system in the office of Defense Secretary Robert Gates back in June of this year, an act which forced the network down for more than a week.

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Of course, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu denied that anything even close to that had happened by saying the following.

"China has all along been opposed to and forbids criminal activities undermining computer networks, including hacking. China is ready to strengthen cooperation with other countries, including the U.S., in countering Internet crimes."

By the way, that same article indicated that The Guardian had reported that the Chinese had launched online attacks against the British Parliament and the Foreign Office. But that's for another day.

In another article at back in June of this year, it was reported that the Chinese were dumping U.S. Treasury Bonds at a very fast and alarming rate, leaving our U.S. dollar quite vulnerable. (We'll get back to this point in a moment).

On top of it all, WorldNetDaily has recently reported that the Pentagon has uncovered a potential cyber war attack being planned by China that they have nicknamed "Pearl Harbor II". Apparently, the goal of this planned attack would be to render our communications systems between Pearl Harbor and the Pentagon useless, and then to simultaneously attack our aircraft carrier fleet in the Pacific. This cyber war would also render our closest nearby allies - Japan and Taiwan - defenseless in terms of communications. If the Chinese were to have their way, that is.

Finally, an article on September 18th at Fox News indicated that Michael McConnell, the director of national intelligence, has asked the government to change eavesdropping laws because of highly significant spying increases by Russia and China. In fact, McConnell has indicated that Chinese-Russian efforts to spy on sensitive facilities, intelligence systems, and development projects in the United States have reached Cold War levels.

Convinced yet that the Chinese aren't our friends?

China's Growing Alliance with Iran

Wondering why anyone would think that China and Iran might work together to harm the U.S? Consider the following evidence and scenario.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. government has indicated that the Chinese have recently "ramped up shipments of sensitive military technologies to Iran, part of a surge in China-Iran trade that is complicating efforts to apply pressure on Tehran to reign in its nuclear program." In regards to this, The U.S. State Department and its embassy in Beijing have issued numerous complaints, but to no avail.

By the way, the goods that have been given to the Iranians via the Chinese include specialty metals that could aid Iran's missile and nuclear programs.

Why the red flag, you ask? First, China is trading with our known enemy. Second, they just so happen to be trading stuff that could help the Iranians produce weapons of mass destruction that could harm the U.S.

The President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is already on the record as stating that Israel should be wiped off the map, and has said that the "annihilation of America" will be "soon".

The Al Qaeda Connection

Further - and just as a reminder, mind you, for all of you that have been reading up at for some time now - according to F.B.I. Consultant Paul L. Williams, author of The Al Qaeda Connection: International Terrorism, Organized Crime, and the Coming Apocalypse, Osama bin Laden has already purchased nuclear weapons.

In his book, Paul Williams says the following:

"As soon as he (bin Laden) obtained the weapons, he paid an amount estimated from $60 to $100 million for the assistance of nuclear scientists from Russia, China and Pakistan. From 1996 to 2001, bin Laden also kept a score of Spetznaz technicians from the former Soviet Union on his payroll. These technicians had been trained to open and operate the weapons in order to prevent any unauthorized use. To simplify the process of activation, the scientists and technicians came up with a way of hot-wiring the small nukes to the bodies of Muslim agents who long for immediate martyrdom and immediate elevation to the seventh heaven."

Behind the scenes, it appears that Russia, and China are helping Osama bin Laden with his goal for nuclear weapons, according to Paul Williams anyway.

We already know that Russia and China are helping Iran with its nuclear program. That's been recorded in the Wall Street Journal.

China and Russia: In Bed with Iran

Further, China and Russia are in bed with Iran in regard to trading weapons material, including nuclear technology, which is a move that is obviously against our interests in a big way. It should be against China's interests as well, considering that the President of Iran has been called "more dangerous than Hitler", and what nation in their right mind would want to help arm Hitler?

Other than the WWII Japanese, and they were part of the Axis of Evil.

The Chinese are acting like an enemy. They're spying on us, they're helping Iran, and they're hacking into our computers. Further, the Russians seem to be in on it as well. And the two nations have pledged to keep what has become a strong alliance for years long after Putin is gone. In fact, back in 2004 both sides noted that their relations had reached "unparalleled heights."

On top of it all, when you consider the fact that WorldNetDaily has reported that the Chinese have been planning an attack on the U.S., are at least partially in bed with terrorists that are looking for The Perfect Day scenario, and are pulling their money out of our country (could it be because an attack would destroy our economy and their investments?) things get even more worrisome.

Amazing, huh?

So here's a scenario, one that's hard to ignore. Projections indicate that China, a country that has been undergoing vast industrialization in recent years, will need 150% more energy by 2020. Further, its need for oil grows 7.5% per year, which is seven times as fast as America's.

Fueling the dragon: China's race into the oil market

China Needs Oil

In other words, they need oil. Who has oil? Iran. What does Iran want most? The destruction of the West. Iran and Islamic terrorists can't do it by themselves.

Who has been spying on U.S. infrastructure and who can give Iran and the terrorists the means and know how to blow us up with nuclear weapons? China (and Russia, as we've talked about).

Consider this paragraph quoted from the Asia Times as reinforcement for the whole oil need.

"In March 2004, China's state-owned oil trading company, Zhuhai Zhenrong Corporation, signed a 25-year deal to import 110 million tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Iran. This was followed by a much larger deal between another of China's state-owned oil companies, Sinopec, and Iran, signed in October 2004. This deal, worth about $100 billion, allows China to import a further 250 million tons of LNG from Iran's Yadavaran oilfield over a 25-year period. In addition to LNG, the Yadavaran deal provides China with 150,000 barrels per day of crude oil over the same period."

Sweet deal, huh? You've gotta wonder why Iran is giving China such a sweet deal.

Perhaps China is going to help hand the West over to Radical Islam.

Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible, states that the beast that conquers the world has "seven heads and ten horns".

Well, any Christian who has read the Bible knows that one of the heads of the "beast" is the infamous Anti-Christ; the other heads and "ten horns" appear to be allied nations that help bring the Anti-Christ to power.

Considering how much we know about Radical Islam nowadays, and that every time the President of Iran has a speech he prays to Satan, and then asks Satan to hasten the arrival of the "promised one" – the mystical "Mahdi" – it should be clear by now that Islam is the Anti-Christ religion from the Bible, and is one of the heads of the beast from Revelation 13. I believe the world will soon find out that China is also one of these heads.

(By the way, when the "Mahdi" is finally revealed – what Christians know as the Anti-Christ – get your tickets now, because you can count on him being a guest speaker at Columbia University.)

Iran / Terrorists Need Military Support

Back to the The Perfect Day scenario that CNN's Glenn Beck (Beck is now with FOX News at the time of this writing) talked about indepth in a series that ran in late 2007... Well, let's just get to it: Could the Chinese and Russian "aggressive" increase in espionage in our country be solely to help out terrorists? Meaning, could they be doing this surveillance to help with an Iranian/terrorist plot – after all, if there is an active terrorist plot against the U.S., is there any doubt that Iran would be in on it?

With the U.S. on the alert for Arabs doing surveillance and/or making "dry runs", it's possible that in many cases right now the Chinese and Russians are doing this surveillance in their place.

If that's the case, does the Chinese part of this just stop with surveillance? After all, the weapons, the surveillance, the organized crime in the U.S. with ties to the Chinese government... Could they also help with the ground force after the terrorists hit America with nukes?

If China is one of the heads of the beast from Revelation 13, then it's clear that China will give military support, and America and the rest of the West will be handed over to Islam.

Final Word

Islamic radicals have made it clear that their goal is to strike down the West, and impose Islamic rule.

Now, how can a few thousand Islamic radicals overtake a superpower the size of the United States?

There must be other nations involved, and so we need to ask just who these other nations are and just what these other nations would get out of this:

First, the United States would no longer be a world superpower. Suddenly, things like a Chinese takeover of Taiwan and a North Korean takeover of South Korea are on the table; and both nations would like to have their breakaway nations back.

Second, the United States, and it's capitalist might would be out of the picture; In 2005, China and Russia warned other nations against attempts to dominate global affairs and interfere in the domestic issues of sovereign nations, which of course describes the global presence of the United States.

USA TODAY: China, Russia warn of world domination

In fact, this has probably been talked about among many nations, for a number of years now, as America's capitalist might has continued to impose itself on the world. Nations like China and Russia – with China's huge population and increasing energy needs – may see an Islamic attack on America that causes a collapse as an opportunity to seize land in North America, especially nowadays with America's large oil drilling taking places today in the Mid-West and soon very possibly California's Monterey Shale.

Beijing and other Chinese cities are also suffering from increasingly toxic air. It is only likely to get worse.

America may seem to the Chinese like a very, very nice place to call home soon.


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