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China's Toxic Crises: A Deadly Threat to the U.S.?
How a Real-Life War of the Worlds Scenario May Come to Pass

China's Crises, Dangerous Levels of Pollution
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Even with windows closed and air purifiers running at max, smog fills homes in Beijing and there is no escape from the haze clouding the capital of over 20 million people. What happens when the Chinese government has no easy solution? China may become desperate. They need clean air.
And the U.S. should take notice. Because -- America, a nation rich in farmland, natural resources and clean water -- has it all.

The reports coming from the far east paint a grim picture for life today in Beijing, China's capital. The people are being poisoned. Heavy industry, a huge population of people, and millions of automobiles on Beijing's crowded streets are pumping toxic gases into the air around China. The people, the land, and the water supply are fast becoming toxic to life.

There's no easy fix. And America might want to take notice.

We've seen this scenario before in the movie, "War of the Worlds".

In this case it's America that has the clean air and abundant land.

China might do anything in the coming years to have it.

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Notorious for Smog, from Bad to Very Bad

Time Magazine reports (2/28/2013): "Beijing, a city already notorious for its smog, has seen some of the worst air quality in memory over the first weeks of 2013. Much of the blame has rightly been aimed at coal burning, the rising number of vehicles, the low quality of fuel standards and industrial pollution that blows in from surrounding regions."

The air quality can be so bad that even with doors and windows closed and air purifiers running in homes, the living rooms can have a hazy smog. Read that again. Imagine trying to watch tv through a thin haze of polluted air. How long could you put up with that?

Time Magazine reports (1/14/2013):

"This weekend, my family barricaded itself behind closed doors, with only the briefest of toilet breaks for our dog. As the air pollution in Beijing reached record highs, the view from our 16th-floor downtown apartment dwindled to something more akin to a sandstorm in Afghanistan. Air purifiers that cost upwards of $1,000 ran at full throttle. Still, the haze permeated our living room, with pollution levels some 40 times what the World Health Organization (WHO) considers safe." Read more: Beijing chokes on record pollution

The picture of pollution emerging out of Beijing is clear. They are slowly poisoning themselves.

Reuters reports (3/17/2013):

"Street-level anger over the air pollution that blanketed many northern cities this winter has spilled over into online appeals for Beijing to clean water supplies as well. The rotting corpses of more than 12,000 pigs found this month in a river that supplies tap water to Shanghai drew even more attention to water safety."

"...Nationally, environmental complaints have sparked unrest and even riots, to the alarm of the stability-obsessed ruling Communist Party." Read more: China's new premier vows to tackle pollution, offers few details

Alarm Growing in China's Communist Party

China shouldn't be the only nation alarmed at the dangerous levels of pollution that are going to one day soon wreck havoc in Beijing.

I think America (several Western nations in fact) should be alarmed as well.

Why? Because of the possible consequences: How China's government might respond.

I call this scenario, "War of the Worlds".

War of the Worlds

China's air quality is so bad, and the number of people in Beijing so enormous, that it's government is likely to make one of two choices: Either, they move their entire government out of Beijing to a safer area of China, with cleaner air, which is only a short term solution, and doesn't address the pollution threat to the several million people living and working in Beijing. Or China might do this:

They may decide that the U.S. (and Canada) have plenty of clean air, lots of available farmland, and in recent years, they may also like the fact that we have lots of oil drilling taking place on U.S. soil; it's said in fact that the U.S. may be able to end it's dependence on foreign oil a lot sooner than ever thought possible in previous years.

America has it all: Clean air, land, water, and oil

In science fiction, that's a lot like an alien civilization on a dying planet looking for a new planet to call home, and then spotting earth, with all the conditions ripe for life, across the galaxy.

Due to China's huge population of people (we're talking more than 1.3 billion people compared to the 300 million people in the U.S.) most likely the industrialization and heavy use of automobiles is only likely to bring toxic levels of pollution to more areas of China; it's a long term crises, a crises that could result in the toppling of an empire from within.

If we can see the possibility of that, surely China's military planners can as well. And they're a lot smarter than most of us are over here. In fact, it's been said in recent years that China has the largest percentage of geniuses than any other nation on earth. That's a lot of smart people.

A Chinese fortune cookie might say: "A smarter enemy is a dangerous enemy."

China may set its eyes on America, but there's a catch

There's a problem, obviously. America is an occupied nation. Many of it's citizens are armed. It's those guns in fact that may deter an occupation; a foreign military force may realize that there would just be too many problems trying to reign in an armed civilian force, and it may be a fight they're in capable of winning completely.

It's very possible that Chinese, (as well as Russian, we can bet) military strategists have considered scenarios such as an invasion and occupation of America, and in these scenarios have realized that the odds of long term success would be stacked against them, due to the fact that so many U.S. citizens are armed.

So, a Chinese general might ask, how could we occupy America?

Across a room full of hazy, toxic air, and through a respirator mask (as many people in China wear nowadays, in an attempt to filter out heavily polluted air), another general could then suggest, "Let's poison the population. If we poison America's population, it's citizens won't be able to fight back. They'll be dead. We can march in and the country will be ours."

Pentagon Doomsday Scenarios

In the Pentagon today, and for many decades, people who work in intelligence have rehearsed many American "doomsday" scenarios. Some scenarios are shelved as "unlikely", and then other scenarios though are studied and circled as "possibilities".

Such as the much discussed scenario today in the Pentagon of an economic collapse that leads to a breakdown of society and martial law, which triggers a civil war between people and government. I've talked to someone recently about this topic, someone with over 30 years of military intelligence. What I was told is that this scenario (an economic collapse leading to martial law and civil war) is considered by the Pentagon to be the most likely of any "doomsday scenario" unfolding in the United States.

But there are more threats, more scenarios that shouldn't be dismissed

Military strategy rooms are like a game of chess; high ranking, intelligent people (including "genius" level intelligence at many levels) look over our nation's weaknesses, and then try to determine ways an enemy might use those weaknesses against us; they also look over our strengths, such as the fact that so many American citizens are armed, which is a deterring factor to another nation sending in an invasion force. There would just be too much likely "resistance" from too many people in the U.S., that it would be a very costly war for an enemy.

But what if ... what if America's enemies could remove that factor?

What if there wasn't a danger from America's armed citizens?

And so we go back to poison; the same thing that is so dangerous to life in Beijing, China today, could be a weapon used to eradicate much of the American population, like rats.

How would Beijing do this?

Sure, they could attempt to poison our water supply, but it wouldn't take long before people at our water treatment plants took notice.

In that case, a Chinese military strategist might conclude, "we could purchase or invest in water plants, put our people on the inside, and help ensure that tests for toxic water never show that we are poisoning the American people."

"We can also invest in food companies, putting people in place, to help ensure that popular products get to market, products that will also poison people."

Someone else in the Chinese strategy room would counter: "But we'll only have a short window of time, before the population knows it's being attacked. I don't think that this is likely to take enough lives."

The Great American Plague

Another Chinese general might then suggest solemnly, "We can unleash a plague... If we set people loose in several cities across the U.S. with a deadly, highly contagious virus, the plague will spread rapidly and much of the American population will die. Yes, there will be survivors in several areas, but for the most part we can march in and seize U.S. cities, oil refineries, and farmland, and the nation will be ours. Canada will fall also."

A Chinese general then says, "We have scientists who have perfected a vaccine against the plague that we would use. This vaccine will protect our people from the effects of the plague. They can spread the plague without any fear to themselves of being infected."

"We can vaccinate our military. When our armies seize cities and communities, they'll have no risk to themselves. Buildings, stores, and schools will be ours for the taking."

How Far Fetched is this Scenario?

War of the Worlds is a far fetched story many would say, but is it really that far fetched? When a planet or in the case of this article, a country like China is being poisoned by heavily polluted air that is only going to get worse each year, it's government may realize that if they don't do something drastic, they're sitting on a disaster.

China might be sitting on a disaster today, with a clock ticking down toward economic catastrophe, it's government realizing that they need to do something if they're going to save China from poisoning itself, which is happening right now.

China has too many people, too much industry, too much coal burning, and too many cars pumping out pollution every day to simply go "green" as a community in California might do by adding solar panels around a city.

The fact is, China doesn't have an easy solution.

But America's clean air as a whole (compared to Beijing), abundant farmland and water supply, abundant oil reserves and natural gas discoveries, make a War of the World's scenario I believe more than just an "unlikely possibility" in a Pentagon strategy room today.

The more polluted China becomes, the more likely it becomes that China will do something drastic, if it think it's survival is at stake.

Escalation of Threats

I have to say, the threats to America just keep growing. I've referred to this before as a "pattern of escalation" as the nation has seen multiple disasters strike populated areas more and more in recent years. It's almost like a prophetic clock is ticking down, and just when we've named several clear and present dangers facing the U.S., then another one suddenly appears, making something catastrophic seem more and more likely.

The minute hand on our prophetic clock may be moving closer to midnight.

We either have several coincidences shaping up to create a "perfect storm" that wrecks havoc on Western nations, like the U.S., or none of this is a coincidence, which many people agree, and instead we should think of these things as Biblical signs -- signs that the Book of Revelation (the last chapter of the Bible) is about to unfold.

How much time is left on our timetable? Maybe our nation's actions in the coming months and years will decide that.

Perhaps America's timetable is like a balance beam scale from the 1800s, in the eyes of God. As America's sins pile up on one side of the scale, the other side of the scale rises, pushing a hand on a prophetic clock closer and closer to doomsday. Or a better way to put it might be, "judgment day".

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