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Bombings Are Coming: How to Survive a Bomb at a Public Event

by James Roberts, Copyright ©
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Al Qaeda doesn't like it when people get cozy with American ideals or freedom related principles.
Thus, on April 12, 2007, in an effort to quell negotiations between the Iraqi government and a faction of the insurgency, bombs were set off by Al Qaeda at the Iraq Parliament. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago (at the time of this writing), the Islamic Army in Iraq - an influential nationalist group - asked Osama bin Laden to back off a tad in Iraq.

Think these two things are related? Answer: of course.

So Bin Laden and Al Qaeda decided to bomb the Iraq Parliament. The first blast went off in the middle of the building (the cafe). However, two other bombs were found as well. These were seemingly set up to murder those fleeing the building.

One of the detection machines, leading into the Baghdad Convention Center was not working on the day in question. Sounds a little fishy, no?

Regardless, here's the problem. Many of us work in major buildings or go to sporting events. Further, though the masses seem to be forgetting this, there are still terrorists inside of our own country intent on doing us harm. And these terrorists would love to do this harm Iraqi style (detonating an explosive inside a place of importance).

So, what can be done to stop this? Further, how should one react if bombs start going off all around you?

The first order of business:

Owners need to protect their establishments from the possibility of a terrorist bombing

Once an explosive has been detonated, the damage has already been done (understatement of the year, right?). Thus, there is simply a need for greater security measures at special events and important buildings (even less important ones, for that matter). How do you accomplish this?

Well, remember that the bombing at the Iraqi Parliament was executed on a day that their weapons detection systems were down.

Every building of importance and / or event should have a weapons detection system in place

In fact, they should probably have more than one.

For example, there is the Secure 1000. The Secure 1000 is an electronic imaging system used to detect explosives, firearms, knives, drugs, and other weapons. Basically, it scans the subject with narrow beams of X rays.

On one hand, the Secure 1000 requires people to walk in front of a stand for a three second front and then a three second rear scan, thus slowing down entrances. However, if you want to scare off terrorists, the visible presence it offers plus the slowdown effect might actually be helpful.

In addition, as was said earlier, it might be prudent to have a second weapons detection system in place for your building or events center. One option is a Concealed Weapons Detection Camera. Brijot Imaging Systems, in conjunction with Lockheed Martin (one of the leaders in advanced military technology) has one out.

In sum, their camera can reportedly detect knives, guns, or bombs (whether metal, plastic, or composite) under clothes. It is a millimeter wave camera combined with a video camera and special algorithm software. It has a range of 45 feet. For more information, click on Concealed Weapons Detection Camera.

Always remember that whether you get both of these kinds of products or just one- there are other makes and models out there as well- your building or events center will be safer for it.

Speaking of safety, you can't trust technology alone.

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After all, it's only as good as the people operating it.

For example, in the Iraqi Parliament situation noted earlier, wasn't it rather odd that the detections system was down on a day that bombs were smuggled in? Of course it was. In other words, someone was probably working on the inside for Al Qaeda.

The good news is that there is far less chance of that happening in America. However, there still is a chance (again, terrorists and fanatics live here as well). Thus, a couple of things should probably be in place.

1. Limit access to your building or events center. In other words, have security clustered in one spot because people can't get in anywhere else.

2. Do background checks, including fingerprints, on all of your workers.

3. Always have at least two people checking protocols at every security outpost. In other words, don't just rely on one person for your security in any one area, terminal, or space. By doing this, you lessen the chances of being taken advantage of by one person intent on doing you harm on the inside.

What if it all goes down and I'm at the building or events center?

All of these precautionary measures are great. Still, if an explosive can be detonated in the Iraqi Parliament in this day and age, it can be detonated anywhere. Thus, here are some things to do.

1. Remain calm. There's nothing to be gained from commotion and worry.

2. Take cover under a desk or table or something sturdy that can protect. As could have been the case with the Iraqi Parliament (there were two other explosive devices) there is always the chance for further explosions. Be ready for this.

3. Stay away from anything that could fall or implode onto you. This includes windows, overhead fixtures, and etc.

4. Be prepared for possible further evacuation. Now here's the trickiest part. Do you immediately begin to evacuate? The problem with that philosophy as a whole is that oftentimes terrorists these days will line evacuation paths with bombs in order to get people on the way out (such was the case with the Iraqi Parliament). Thus, you should probably stay where you are and wait for instructions from emergency personnel for a period of time if you are safe.

However, if there is a dangerous fire or any other danger that warrants you leave immediately, do so in a calm and orderly manner. Further, be watchful and careful. Also, open doors carefully and look for falling objects when you do.

In other words, think on your feet.

5. Do not move injured persons unless the nature of their injury warrants you do so. Further, you are protected under the Good Samaritan Law. Thus, if you need to provide CPR, do so quietly.

6. Remember that there could be people inside of your building or events center after an explosion that still want to do you harm. Keep this in mind.

7. Do not use matches or lighters.

8. Have a thorough understanding of the building or events center you are in or have a map on hand.

9. Understand the building or event center procedures during such situations. Follow these above any other directions (including those in this article). However, don't be afraid to ask questions about these procedures if they seem faulty. Obviously, this should be done in advance of any attack.

All in all, it would seem important for all business owners and patrons to remember that terrorism is still a real threat in the United States. Thus, we should all be acting accordingly. And that takes preparation.


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When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
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