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Terrorists Attack Major League Baseball Game: Shocking Attack on Professional Sports

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With the growing threat of terrorists attacking within the United States, it may be smart to have a few strategies in mind in order to get you and your family out of a baseball stadium to safety if terrorists attack, as world news clearly seems to point to.
This article covers one scenario.

It may happen this summer.

Radical Islam / Al-Qaeda / ISIS Plant Dirty Bomb at Major League Baseball Game

Scenario: You and your 12 your old son are at a Major League Baseball game, sitting on the third base line, hoping to catch a foul ball from one of your favorite players.

It's the second inning, the sun is high in the afternoon sky, and suddenly something unexpected happens on the field below.

The pitcher falls to the ground.

The first baseman falls.

The second baseman falls. Third baseman. The umpire falls. The batter and catcher stumble, they fall.

The stadium is silent.

Then all hell breaks loose. Screams of terror. Chaos.

The entire stadium is in uproar, as people run from their seats looking for the nearest exit, scrambling and stomping on each other, and on small children who are in the way.

The sound of sheer terror, of 50,000 panicked baseball fans, who just watched their favorite baseball players drop dead on the field below, run for their lives.

We hope this never happens.

Lessons from The Naked Gun

In the comedy movie, The Naked Gun, (Paramount Pictures, 1988), a hypnotized Reggie Jackson during the seventh inning stretch, pulls a gun out from under first base (the gun had previously been planted there) as part of a scheme to assasinate the Queen of England, who would be on hand to watch the ball game.

What happened in the fictional story above is based on the same idea essentially.

A groundsman, who works for the stadium, but is really an undercover terrorist (radicalized citizen), planted radioactive material in the pitcher's mound prior to the start of the game (perhaps days before the start of the game), and has just unleashed it during the second inning of a Major League Baseball game.

What do you do if you're at a baseball game and this happens?

At one time, the best seats in the stadium used to be down by the field. However, in our day and age of looming terrorist threat, the best seats may either be behind your television set, safe at home, or if you really want to go to the game, perhaps a stadium seat on the upper level.

This way, if anything happens down on game level, you won't be anywhere near it.

Terrorists Attack Baseball Stadium with Remote-Controlled Plane or Drone

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There's an even easier way to get a dirty bomb into a baseball stadium, and that's with a remote-control airplane or drone. However, I'm sure this is one scenario that security teams have considered and there are probably numerous ways to spot a remote-controlled plane before it gets to the stadium.

Now, if one day you are at a baseball game and you suddenly see a remote-controlled plane fly into the stadium, don't hang around and wait for it to do some acrobatic tricks; don't assume it's part of the show or simply an advertising gag.

Get out of your seat and run for the nearest exit.

Because of the prevalence of drones being used by various organizations to photograph the crowds, drones unfortunately are going to be seen as harmless; harmless that is until one is used by a terrorist.

Bio-Terror Attack at Baseball Game

Now getting a dirty bomb or radioactive material into a baseball stadium, and hiding it in a pitcher's mound might be a hard thing to do.

By now, hopefully there are security precautions in place that monitor every person who has access to a baseball field; as well as machines that detect radiation so a dirty bomb is detected before it can ever be detonated.

But what about a biological attack at a baseball game? Do we have the technology to detect this kind of thing?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how al-Qaeda or ISIS on another faction of Racial Islam could pull this off. All they have to do is have someone on the inside, a radicalized U.S. citizen for example, who is intent on smuggling in a weapon to be used during a baseball game; not just a baseball game of course, but really any major sporting event is at risk nowadays.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of people who work at Major League Baseball stadiums and it only takes one person with access to a playing field to pull something like this off.

Preventing a Terrorist Attack at a Baseball Game

Every person with access to a playing field must be screened, that includes the groundsmen, the umpires, and perhaps even going so far as the players, and even the bat boys... every time they step on the field.

There are other things that the FBI and stadium security teams should perform as well, that I don't want to mention here -- why give terrorists the upperhand?

The most important thing is that stadium security needs to be alert, and they need to think outside the box, and consider scenarios that are not being considered.

Keep your eyes on the groundsmen. Keep your eyes on everyone.

Don't shoot the messenger.

One of those groundsman may notice suspicious activities. Make sure they know that they will be protected if they report it to you.

Nuclear Attacks Planned on United States

What's going on in our country?

How can America's favorite past time fall to something like terrorism?

The forces of radical Islam seek to hurt us. They want to hit us right in the heart of America, and you don't get any more American than Major League Baseball.

Why is this happening? How can our country, the land of the free and home of the brave, suddenly be the home of a future that looks more like a nightmare from the movie Armageddon?

Because, like it or not, it appears that Bible prophecy is starting to play out. In fact, Many Christian scholars and evangelists claim that we are living in the 'last days', as written about in multiple books of the Bible, specifically Revelation.

The United States, once under the protection of God, now seems to be on it's own as much of our country now believes in being politically correct, and so denies God. We also deny God's commandments, and the teachings of his son, Jesus Christ.

If Bible prophecy is playing out as many Bible scholars and evangelists are saying, the United States may suffer a very serious nuclear attack that it never recovers from.

Why would God let the U.S. be nuked by terrorists?

What Biblical prophecies point to New York City being consumed by fire in "one day and one hour"?

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When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
SEARCH: Emergency Supplies, Natural Disasters, Food Shortages & Riots, Prepping, Post Apocalypse, MORE...
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