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Could a Chemical Attack Occur Here in the US? The Best Gas Masks to Survive An Attack

Could a Chemical Attack Occur Here in the US? The Best Gas Masks to Survive An Attack
Gas Masks: How to Find and Invest in the Right Ones... Which gas masks can save your life? Which ones are worthless? When it comes to the threats from Radical Islam, these are important questions to ask when it comes to protecting your life and family in the on the ongoing age of terror.
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Being prepared for an emergency, whether terrorist attack, natural disaster such as volcanic eruption or wildfire, or manmade catastrophe such as toxic event or nuclear reactor disaster, a gas mask is something to be included.
Gas masks are not just for gas, but for any emergency where protection is needed for breathing and vision. Many options are available.

Why should you include gas masks in your essential survival equipment?

Eye protection. Whether it's a natural disaster like a wildfire, severe winds, other event where harmful debris can cause injury, eye protection is a necessity. Breathing in debris and harmful items is just as dangerous. Most gas masks fit over the face and provide good vision and safe filtration.

Breathing and lung protection. Any kind of hostile action can include danger from toxics. Filtering out these materials is absolutely essential for survival.

Germs. Disease and harmful biological entities are in the inventory of many enemies. Intentional release of germs is a serious concern and gas mass are the first line of defense.

Nuclear fallout. Fallout from a nuclear detonation or radiation cloud will saturate the air. The average time for radiation levels to fall to survivable limits is thought to be about two weeks. Still, a gas mask that filters the air is a necessity.

Smoke and pollution. Wild fires, atmospheric pollution from a toxic spill, weather-related emergency of other breathing hazard can cause severe lung and health problems with long lasting or deadly effects. A gas mask provides a barrier that can keep harmful materials away from your lungs and eyes as well.

What does a gas mask do?

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A gas mask provides a safe barrier for the user from harmful atmospheric conditions resulting from pollution of the environment by any combination of causes ranging from radiation, chemical and biological events or attacks. They provide eye and lung protection by filtering the air with an activated charcoal material. This material can be replaced and the service life of the mask can be extensive with the right care.

Gas masks use a filtering system that uses combinations of activated charcoal, a secondary filter to clean the air of charcoal dust, and an outlet to enable the purified air into the mask. Short of a "space suit" or suit that completely covers the entire body, this is as good as it gets for most of us. Staying out of contaminated areas as much as possible is the best idea.

Israel has always placed the security and protection of all its citizens at the highest priority. Gas masks have been made available since the apparent use of several gas weapons by the embattled Assad Government.

Hamas and Hezbollah have repeatedly launched an expanding inventory of rockets and missiles from areas on Israel's borders. These missiles can be fitted with chemical weapon warheads and now the introduction of drones makes the situation even more dire.

Israelis live in a world where anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds are all there is between them and a Hezbollah-launched rocket attack and a bomb shelter. Shelters with storybook characters are in place so toddlers can be protected from those who seek their lives.

Gas masks are available to all within range of likely gas attacks. Israel lives with these dangers daily, yet they live each day fully. Israel is prepared, and fearless.

What types of gas masks are available?

Where do you buy appropriate gas masks? Many outlets sell military surplus equipment from US manufactures and imported from many other countries, including Communist China and Russia. Before purchasing make sure re-charging materials are available as well. Masks sure the masks are guaranteed as well and not "war relics" or worn out or in "as is" condition. Civilian market gas masks are newly made and will have full warrantee and guarantee protection. Many are breather-type only with no eye protection.

There is an ongoing debate about whether surplus gas masks or new manufactured civilian intended products are the most effective. There are too many online outlets to mention here that sell military surplus gas masks. Prices run from extremely low to high and the variety is considerable. Perhaps it is safest to say that war relics are to be avoided. Do your research and consider what type suits your needs best. Over the head masks provide eye and lung protection and are worth the extra expense over those which cover nose and mouth only.

Surgical masks

One of the dangers we face today in possible attacks is chemical and biological warfare. At some point a defense tool will be needed. Surgical masks such as are used for filtering out dust and polluted air are cheap and available. But they have limits for longevity. However, they are inexpensive, easy to carry and store and will help you survive until you can get to shelter or retrieve your emergency equipment.

Breathing and seeing are not optional in a survival situation. A gas mask will protect in any number of scenarios from a fire to any type of attack by an enemy. Gas masks are plentiful and affordable. But you choices are so many that an informed decision is required. Reading up, doing your homework and having the right number available for all family group members and teaching them how to put them on is part of your survival leadership. Lives are depending on you and the decisions you make. Making the right choice of gas mask is one of the most important items in your survival plan.

When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
SEARCH: Emergency Supplies, Natural Disasters, Food Shortages & Riots, Prepping, Post Apocalypse, MORE...
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