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How the "Islamic Agenda" Could Result in Shariah Law Over America
... and How to Escape Sharia Martial Law

How the Islamic Agenda Could Result in Shariah Law Over America

The Muslim Brotherhood... CAIR. Hamas. Hezbollah. Others. U.S. traitors working with the Iranian or Saudi governments. Maybe it's not terrorists with nukes we need to fear -- Maybe it's the infiltration of Radical Islam into U.S. politics through 'proxy' politicians, business leaders, and their sympathizers.

Islam's Secret Weapon? Political "Nukes" That Re-Write America's Laws and One Day Bring the Horrors of Shariah Law to Several U.S. States

by Phil Swain, Copyright ©
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Sharia Law could be closer than you think.
by Mark Lawrence

In the fictional story by Phil Swain that follows, we see how strategic political maneuvers within American circles, based on an Islamic agenda (many are reported to call the "movement"), is right now at work, with a deadly goal in mind: Conquer the enemy through political maneuvering with a goal to one day enforce Shariah Law.

Before we jump into this fictional look at Sharia Law in the U.S. (Year 2024), to understand the direction of this story, you first have to grasp the idea that Radical Islam and it's Koran-inspired desires for a global "caliphate" mean that there is just as much threat or even more from the terrorists that we don't see, those are the ones wearing suits and holding or seeking political office or even possibly outright traitors who are aligned in their hearts with their brothers in power in Iran and or Saudi Arabia or other Islamic nations. Political groups like the Muslim Brotherhood for example, and it's connections with CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas are most likely only the tip of the iceberg. If you look down into this rabbit's hole far enough, you're probably going to find connections all the way to the Ayatollahs in Iran and political and even military leaders in the Saudi government.

Islamic Agenda? Political Maneuvering?

Maybe their thinking could be summed up in this capacity: "If opportunities never present themselves for terrorists to collapse the U.S. government, what are our long term political options? With so many Muslims living and being born in the U.S., how long would it take for us to infiltrate multiple layers of government, where we can petition for and even push our own Shariah Law one day?"

The Muslim Brotherhood, C.A.I.R., and HAMAS (and other political groups aligned with Radical Islam)

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Something is going on with CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the Muslim Brotherhood. The F.B.I. has launched multiple investigations into their connections with HAMAS, a well known and well funded Palestinian terrorist group, it's roots coming from the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. In a Dec., 2016 Washington Times article, an op-ed points out that even the United Arab Emirates have listed CAIR as a terrorist organization and are not fooled by CAIR's "hidden agendas".

Politicians, Businessmen, and Terrorists

I can go on and on about the political intentions of certain Muslims in suits (politicians and business people both) in America (though not all Muslims, but enough to cause serious concern and even get the F.B.I. involved in multiple investigations in recent years and certainly ongoing at the time of this writing.)

Let's Not Judge Every "Muslim"

With all that said, there are large numbers of good intentioned "Islamic Westerners" who appreciate their lives in America or the U.K., France, etc., and who are glad to be far away from the violence in the Middle East. Many of them want nothing to do with the radical desires of "fundamentalist" Muslims.

Unfortunately, for these Muslims, their "fundamentalist" counterparts consider these Islamic Westerners to be apostates, and enemies of true Islam, who like Christians, need to convert to true Islam, or suffer the consequences.

Some Muslims Renouncing Their Beliefs

Good news in all this? Many of these "Islamic Westerners" have been reported to have renounced Islam all together to become Christians in recent years. As the terrorist attacks from radicalized Muslims continue in the coming months, we can expect more Islamic Westerners and even large numbers still in Middle East nations, to make that choice as well. It is truly a "phenomenon" taking place when Muslims deep in Islamic nations learn about Christianity, compare it's teachings to what is in the Koran, and are making courageous choices to follow Christ, even at the risk of their own lives and betrayal to the authorities by their own family members.

Today, Not Tomorrow, Crucifixions and Beheadings at the Hands of Radicals

Remember, it is already dangerous to be a Christian in radicalized Islamic nations.

Beheadings, crucifixions, disappearances, torture, reported sex slavery... these are happening in growing numbers where radical Muslims like ISIS are even causing complete exterminations of Christians from many former Biblical lands that they have lived for centuries.

It is becoming a genocide...


How the "Islamic Agenda" Could Result in Shariah Law Over America

By Jon Harris

After retiring from the Military many years ago, I started contracting overseas. I have spent the last four year in Afghanistan and Iraq as a security contractor working in counter narcotics and counter explosives. I have seen firsthand the face of Sharia law and the terror that is radical Islam. We have all seen in vivid color the horror of radical Islamic justice. This is simply not something you can allow your family or yourself to be subjected to.


The International News Agency reported today that ISIS has overrun the Iraqi city of Queragosh. This is the largest Christian city in Iraq and report of systematic beheadings are starting to be reported. The UN has issued a general condemnation. As of two days ago, no news or reports are coming from Queragosh. Last reports stated the city is isolated and fleeing citizens are being rounded up and subjected to ISIS Sharia tribunals. Queragosh was first attacked by ISIS in 2014 but was liberated two years later as the US backed Iraqi government attempted to free the country from the ISIS hold. Since then, the US has stopped supporting the Iraqi government which has resulted in it being unable to hold territory once freed and ISIS has regained much of its previous holdings.

Other new outlets are reporting incidents of violence in the western territory of the US as Sharia law takes hold. Christian organizations, churches and all religious icon are being destroyed as more and more areas fall under Islamic and Sharia control. In a leaked NSA drone video, now being distributed on the internet, scenes of whole scale destruction and mass graves can be seen in Salt Lake City, Utah. The government had determines Sharia enforcers are systematically exterminating the Mormon and Christian population in the area. The video clearly shows the Church of Latter Day Saints headquarters complex on fire.

2024 Brings A New President to the U.S...

With the election of the new President in 2024, the tone of the US government had changed. Previously the US had been a somewhat isolationist track but now that was all shifting. The run up to the election had seen a massive influx in money and support to the left leaning candidate. He had many ties to the Saudis in business and ran on a platform of understanding and humanitarian outreach to the millions of refugees. Europe had been dealing with the massive influx of refugees for years. The German leader, Angela Merkel, had simply opened the borders. Even though she was thrown out of office, it was far too late to change the state of affairs without going to extreme.

Martial Law ... Not Yet

Martial Law had been discussed but decided against. The Muslim population in Europe was just too powerful to allow that option to happen. In an effort to assist the European allies, the new President, through executive action, lifted all limits of immigration. The masses came in from Europe and the Middle East directly. Many came from Mexico, where the government had fallen some years before. Mexico was largely in the hands of drug cartels that acted like corporations dividing a pie. Immigration from Mexico was out of control and the southern border, under the new directives, stopped enforcing immigration altogether. The US was an open border country and it was changing the very culture.

Ten Successive Years Of "Opening Arms" to Islamic Values...

Over the last ten years or so, several states had enacted laws allowing the setting up of Sharia courts. This was in an effort, sponsored by the Justice Department, to better respect the rights of those people that held Islam as their faith and desired to live their lives under Sharia.

With the influx of these new "citizens," many states were adjusting their own laws to accommodate. Several of the states were home to what was becoming a very large Islamic population. With the approval of their state governments, these states declared regions self-governed. This was done in an attempt to persuade the Islamic population to move to these regions and setup their own system. It was felt this would allow them to live in their own area and reduce the stress on the rest of the government trying to deal with the unrest and constantly growing violence that was taking hold in areas where the former refugees, now granted citizenship, settled.

"Peace Loving" Muslims Considered Apostates Under Shariah Law

The biggest problem in this plan was what to do with those people living in those now Islamic areas, which were not in favor of this new way of life. There had been little effort to compensate those families in an effort to entice them to move. The result was entire communities now without law that they were accustomed to and little hope of living in peace. By taking this action to appease those now in charge of these territories, the government had abandoned their citizens to fend for themselves.

The promises of a peaceful coexistence disappeared overnight. With the new Sharia law in effect and what was thought to have been just peaceful people looking to have their own way of life now showed its true face. The new courts were not only Sharia but also aligned with Hezbollah. Money was pouring in from secret accounts from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Syria. Hezbollah had even been able to get several representatives elected to state houses. This greatly influenced the "New Territory Doctrine," as it was being called.

New Territory Doctrine Grabs Hold ... Islam Spreads

By 2026, most of the western states had converted to the New Territory Doctrine. The US was effectively divided into two countries, one Islamic and the other traditional Christian democracy with what was left of the constitutional government.

The line of demarcation ran north from the Texas/New Mexico border all the way through a line between Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas. For a few weeks, there was constant transferring of families and peoples either traveling to one side or fleeing the other. Now under decree of the western Islamic states, the border closed. Those still in the west either found themselves with the choice of converting to Islamic law or being subject to brutality, loss of property, or worse.

Political Islam and It's Influences on American Government

This article is designed to make you think. Could this happen?

Under the right circumstances, yes. This is not so much an article about living out in the woods holed up in a spider hole and clutching your rifle waiting to take anyone that comes. That is not what this is about. This is about much more than that. This is about real survival. If it has gotten to the point that you are living off the land scavenging it has already gone too far and this is not the situation here.

Have We Seen This Before?

Sounds vaguely familiar to some of you, this idea of political Islam setting the stage for a future Sharia Law. A comparison may be to pre-World War II Austria as the Nazi party sought a foothold in the years leading up to the war. Austria was the first country to fall to the Nazis. Go figure. We know how that ended for a lot of Austrians, and especially the Jews in Austria... Is history about to repeat itself?

This website,, has all the info on evasion and escape, survival and other topics that you should, or better, need to read, should we be looking into a future of Shariah Law. It is invaluable.

This story sets the stage for the choices you will have to make should the unthinkable situation actually happen. Clearly, this situation is not a reality, at least not yet, though it is a reality right now for tens of thousands of Christians and other non-fundamentalist Muslims in several Middle East nations currently experiencing bloodshed and murders at the hands of Islamic radicals.

Given the right scenario, one similar to what I have outlined above, it could be in our future, and the question is what would you do if the s*** hits the fan?

Surviving Sharia Law and the Islamic Terror that Awaits It's Captives

After retiring from the Military many years ago, I started contracting overseas. I have spent the last four year in Afghanistan and Iraq as a security contractor working in counter narcotics and counter explosives. I have seen firsthand the face of Sharia law and the terror that is radical Islam. We have all seen in vivid color the horror of radical Islamic justice. This is simply not something you can allow your family or yourself to be subjected to.

You basically have two main choices

You and your loved one can embrace Sharia law and try to become part of that system, hoping not to offend or slip up in anyway, or you can escape and take yourself out of its reach. This is really the only solution. There is almost no chance to survive pretending to be part of that system when you are not. You will be found out. You will be informed on and you will pay the price. This will involve your family as well.

Grabbing your weapons, holding up in some remote place and defending yourself against the entire region, is simply not realistic. You must escape.

Escapes must be planned

You need to decide where you are going and how you are going to get there. What supplies do you have? How far it is and do you have any help. These are all very important questions you need to answer.

To facilitate your escape you will have to blend in

Dress, mannerisms, customs will all have to be learned and mimicked to make sure you don't stand out in the crowd, In Islamic controlled .states, paranoia is supreme. Everyone is afraid they will be informed on, accused, and brought before the Islamic authorities. This is very much the same as the culture in East Germany after WW2. Families informed on each other. Husbands informed on their wives or parents just to insure they would not be next of the Stazi radar.

Expect suspicion, betrayal, traitors to any resistance

In the early stages of this conversion of government, the new Islamic Sharia based system will not be stable. They will not be coordinated, yet, and will have many gaps and weak points in control. You must take advantage of this fact. You must find out where these areas are because you ARE going to make your way to the east (or west, or north, or south, depending on actual events) and to the part of the country that did not convert.

Comparison to East and West Germany

The best way to visualize this situation is rather easy. We have plenty of real references. The division between East and West Germany is a perfect example. Take that environment and add the Sharia law and Islamic influence and you have a good idea what you are dealing with.

Also understand there is a pattern in this type of situation. As time goes on, as control becomes established, things will get brutal. Radicalized ideas will be the norm and some of the horrors you saw in the news happening in the Middle East will start to raise their heads here also.

Before that happens you must make your move. Make a plan where you are going but do it quickly. The longer you are in the situation you are in, the less chance you will have of escape. You must get moving right away. You don't want to give your pursuer time to solidify their positions or networks. Speed is your advantage. You tell no one your plans. Tell no one your feelings. Be as agreeable and supportive to the system, openly. The point is to draw no attention to you or your family. People you thought were friends, will inform on you if pressed so operational security is a must.

Some of World War II's Best Resistance Fighters Blended In Well

Also understand this situation is not like one we see on the news of war torn countries devastated by decades of battle. This is or was your home. This is still a region with assets, cars, fuel, food, and all those things you were used to. That may be changing but it will not happen overnight.

Keep in mind this scenario we're laying out is all about the rise of political Islam and the spread of Shariah Law, not about an EMP event, not about terrorists with nukes, though anything is possible. What if East Germany had used a weapon of mass destruction of some sort on West Germany? West Germany would have collapsed.

Gather your resources

Quietly, gather resources. Water and food is a given. It may not get to that point but you never want to be totally unprepared and dependent on governmental support. In this case, if you are designated as against the new state, your resources will be cut. If this happens, you have already been determined to be a danger, non-converting, and due to the way Sharia law and the culture is, you will be an enemy.

Know your capabilities

Are you a hunter? Do you and your family have the skills to live off the land? Can you defend yourself? Are you mechanically adept enough to fix your vehicle, or in a pinch, take one if needed?

Visions of being Rambo and taking on the Islamic enforcers coming after you? When you have had no training, have never fired a weapon, and have no clue what to do you need to rule that option out. You will get yourself and your family out of this by thinking and being smart about it. Yes there may very well be a need for direct action and if that happens you will have to be ruthless in how you do it.


Yes, you need some. In addition, you will need to gather these before they are confiscated or are no longer available. You can figure that weapons and ammo will be at a premium. These items will also be targets of the new controlling parties. They will remove them from availability unless you have already secured in advance. Again, tell no one what you have or where you have them. What type of weapons you take really depends on what you have access to and what you can use. Always have several pistols. Try to get something that simply works. Try to get the same caliber if possible. Stay away from exotic rounds. They will be hard to find. The more common, 9mm, .45, even .22s are a good bet. Have at least a couple of rifles. The .223 has become very common as it is the round used in most AR type weapons. These will be prevalent. Unlike the Middle East where the AK is a dime a dozen, the US has a fascination with the AR type assault rifle. They will me much more readily available.


Make sure your transport is adequate. Make sure you are not pinning your hopes on a vehicle that will not be dependable. Acquire and store extra fuel, oil, a spare tire or two, several cans of fix a flat, basic tools , jumper cables, a length of hose (for getting more fuel and water) and essential supplies. Get your vehicle loaded, ready, and hidden. Since you are probably still in your home, the garage is a good place.

Alternative Routes

When you make your move to go, you will want to get out of town as soon as possible. Route back roads are rural routes to your destination. These will be less noticeable and if checkpoints are actually put in place, they will be on main thoroughfares. There just are not enough assets to block every road. Remember this WAS America and the extensive road system makes it impossible to cover it all.

Figure you can get just about anywhere in a few days. Even with stops and detours, this is, hopefully, not going to be an extended journey. Every hour you are on the road you are increasing the chances something bad will happen. Also keep in mind, you were being watched. Even if you did not see it, you were. You were watched by neighbors, patrols, the passing car on your street and once you make your move it will be noted immediately. In this type of culture, fear of being labeled as against the new system is rampant. People you trusted will do anything to protect themselves and their own families, just like you. If ratting you out makes them feel safer, they will. Expect it.

Where do you go?

This is the sixty thousand dollar question. In this fictional scenario above, I can't tell you where you will be going except East. You can bet the East side of the government, what used to be America will be trying to help those, now refugees like you, get to freedom. Listen to the radio constantly. There will be information there.

Don't be deceived by propaganda

Don't trust it all (some of it may be fake news, designed to deceive refugees and resistance fighters, a clever ruse to bait listeners into walking into a trap), but still listen and try to determine a location to get to. It is very unlikely, if you go soon after the takeover happens, that the line between the Sharia and Islamic side or the country and the East will be well defined. It is impossible to wall it in that fast. Find a way across. You may be of foot but find a way.

Those you meet along the way

You won't be alone. You won't be the only ones trying to flee but be extremely careful of meeting others. They, like you, have made a desperate choice to flee and will not let anything or anyone stop them now. They may be fine but they may also see you as a threat or as source of needed supplies. This is where the situation turns more to survival and it can get there quickly. In my time in Afghanistan, I saw children killed for a case of bottled water. I saw grown men fight over scraps. It can get that way when desperation set in.

Brothers in arms

Be prepared for the worst to come out in certain people, yet look forward to the best coming out in others. They are good to have on your side and your best friends in life may be those you meet in the years ahead.

The Hard Part

If you are confronted along the way, you have to decide what action you take. This will be a very personal decision. You will have to weigh the factors, your surroundings, your chances to avoid contact, and ultimately your resolve. Are you prepared to take violent action to complete your escape? Are you prepared to take a life? You hope and pray it doesn't come to that but it may. Remember, we are not talking about the imminent zombie apocalypse, we are talking about escaping from a system of new government and control. We are talking about dealing with living breathing human beings.

Some reading this article may not feel they could go this far, but believe me, when pushed you can. The US Military Special Ops guys have a doctrine in certain situations. Their mission depends of stealth and if action takes place, no one points the way to who or where they are. This means killing everything within sight and hearing. This is survival at its very extreme but it is the situation you may have to confront. If you are forced to defend yourself, you do not wound, you do not scare away. You eliminate, you protect, and as soon as the action is over, you gather everything useful and take it.

Be smart. Be prepared and be committed. I have seen the horrors that Sharia can condone. I have personally seen the aftermath of enforcement of Islamic rule. That is something I will never be subject to.

I think I'll go check my gear one more time. You just never know.

When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
SEARCH: Emergency Supplies, Natural Disasters, Food Shortages & Riots, Prepping, Post Apocalypse, MORE...
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