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When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
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How to Survive a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can strike seemingly anytime, and often with little warning. Today, the world and specifically the U.S. is facing disaster, after disaster, after disaster. Can we even keep count anymore? It's time to be prepared and know how to survive a natural disaster -- before a truly catastrophic disaster strikes.

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Essential Emergency Supplies to Survive Any Disaster

Emergency Supplies

What you have on hand for emergency supplies can and will most likely save your life when a major disaster hits.
How to Survive a Devastating Earthquake

How to Survive an Earthquake

An earthquake often strikes without warning. A major earthquake can level a city and can turn an entire region back to the dark ages overnight. Services are knocked out, power is gone, people are dying or dead, and neighborhoods and city blocks can go up in flames.
How to Survive a Hurricane

How to Survive a Hurricane

Seen from space, a hurricane is an epic storm, carrying high winds and destructive forces powerful enough to destroy an entire landscape, which is why disaster preparedeness for a hurricane can be essential to survival. Human cities and neighborhoods are no match for the more powerful storms.
Hurricane Warning - Hurricane Survival Checklist

Tips for surviving extended power outage and flooding from hurricane.

How to Survive a Tsunami

How to Survive a Tsunami

Why are coastal cities and tidal waves a bad mix? Not just homes, but entire communities should be involved in disaster preparedeness for tsunami survival. What will you do if you're caught and one is racing toward shore to wipe out the entire coast?

How to Survive a Tornado

How to Survive a Tornado

Tornadoes can be monsters, giants forming in the skies and coming down to earth to wreck havoc and destroy lives and infrastructure. If you live in one of several states where a tornado is likely so strike, you should have a survival plan because one day your life may count on it. It could be tomorrow. Disaster preparedness can go a long way here.
Top 10 Volcanoes Most Likely to Erupt


Increasing seismic activity isn't limited to earthquakes and tsunamis; Volcanoes may pose biggest danger.
How to Survive a Volcano Eruption

Volcano Eruption

Several cities and towns along the West Coast lie in the vicinity of major volcanoes. Learn how to survive the eruption of a volcano
Yellowstone Supervolcano - No Way to Survive?

Yellowstone Supervolcano

If the volcano under Yellowstone National Park were to erupt, it could devestate much of the U.S.
How to Survive a Famine


Severe drought or weather, natural disaster, or a man-made catastrophe like an EMP can bring on food shortages, and famine, followed by starvation. Millions go hungry. Countless people die. Survival secrets to surviving a famine -- and the supplies to get now.
The Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters

The Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters

Violent natural disasters have struck a number of times around the world with a staggering death count followed by a period of famine, misery, disease AND an even greater death toll. Here's a look at 10 deadly disasters and the sometimes horrible and devastating aftermath of each one.
How to Find Safe Drinking Water After an Urban Disaster

We take water for granted -- until we're dying of thirst and kicking ourselves for not being prepared for a disaster or learning what it takes to find and procure safe drinking water in any environment.

Evacuation Survival Guide - How to Survive a Catastrophic Disaster in a Major City


Disasters strike major cities. Millions become refugees. Tens of thousands spill into the countryside. How to feed yourself and your family when the only food you have is what you can carry.
Real Life Disaster and Mass Prison Escapes

Natural Disasters and Prison Escapes

10 Steps to Staying Alive if Fences Fall at Your Local Maximum Security Prison. Call it SHTF or All Hell Breaks Loose. Historic disasters have torn off the roofs and knocked down prison fences and jail walls, spilling dangerous convicts onto the streets and into unsuspecting communities. Included: First hand account of a real life disaster and a mass prison break. Tips to survive.
How to Survive an Avalanche

How to Survive An Avalanche

Whether you're hiking or climbing through the mountains in the U.S. or on an expedition to climb Mt. Everest or another tall peak, the threat of an avalanche is the same, anywhere there's snow fall.

Can We Survive the Doomsday Asteroid in 2036?


An asteroid named 2004 MN4 had been assigned the highest odds ever for a direct impact with our planet since we'd started documenting asteroids in near-Earth orbits.
How to Survive an Asteroid Collision

Asteroid Collision

Planet Earth has had several near misses with big asteroids in the past. One of them is thought to have struck the earth and caused mass extinction when it essentially had the same effect as several nuclear weapons detonating in one location. With a world in chaos, how does a person survive something like an asteroid impact?
How to Survive a Comet Collision with Earth

Just how much threat do comets pose to Earth? NASA calls them Near-Earth threatening objects. If one hit, it would be devastating.

How to Survive a Flash Flood

As global weather gets worse, so will low-land floods. Stay alive.

How to Survive a Neighborhood Wildfire

Wildfires are a problem that can bring danger directly to your neighborhood.

How to Survive Extreme Winter

From Nuclear Winter to extended winters caused by asteroid-impact or volcanic eruptions, these tips will help you survive.


How to Survive a Stock Market Crash

If the Stock Market crashes, America will likely take on a nightmare scenario as companies shut down, prices for food and gas shoot up, and social unrest occurs.

Why It's Important to Have a Family Survival Plan

Disaster strikes when we least expect it. If you're loved ones are in different locations, and communications are lost, how will any of you find each other? A good Family Survival Plan is essential!

How to Protect Your Home or Family From Crooks in the Days Following Disaster

Your food, your supplies, and even your life are all at risk. What do you do to safe guard your life, and your family?

How to Survive an Encounter with Dangerous Animals After A Disaster

Escaped from Zoos, Private Owners, and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Lions, Tigers, and Other Dangerous Animals May Be on the Loose in Your Community.

Strange Weather - Why So Much Strange Weather?

Severe tornados are touching down in places that aren't known for tornados - even New York City. More areas populated by humans are being struck by disaster. Weather patterns around the world are getting strange, and they seem to be getting strange fast. What is going on?

How to Survive a Catastrophic Flood

At the time of this writing, Australia is experiencing "the worst flooding in the last 37 years" and as reported in recent days a flood bigger than the state of Texas. Cities and towns are cut-off from civilization. How do you survive something like this?

How to Survive Mass Extinction

First the honeybees. Then the food chain. What's happening?

How to Survive Rising Sea Levels Caused by Global Warming

Over 1 billion at risk from ocean floods as sea levels rise.

Global Warming - Is the Sun Heating Up?

With so much controversy surrounding Global Warming, could the actual cause be our own Sun?

The 2011 Mississippi River Flood

Flood waters are predicted to devastate an area along the Mississippi River. The New Orleans levees affected by Katrina may fail. How many will die?

When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
SEARCH: Emergency Supplies, Natural Disasters, Food Shortages & Riots, Prepping, Post Apocalypse, MORE...
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