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  1. Tristan Stewart says

    It’s good to think about how too much of something is rarely a good thing, but if you use kratom responsibly, it can really help with pain and addiction. My nephew has had an addiction to painkillers for a while now and I am worried about his future. If we could help him get off those pills by using a natural product and then slowly weaning off those eventually, that would be great.

  2. Rita Blackwood says

    My grandson died immediately after taking kratom. He bought it legally over the counter. After taking a dose he went to the basement to take a shower and his wife found him dead on the floor. An autopsy disclosed a normal dose of kratom in his system and the only other substance was his regular anti depressant. There was no overdose of either. His brain and lungs had swelled so quickly he did not have time to call for help from others in the house. He left two little children ages 2 and 3. When I did some research later I found that over 40 persons were already known to have died kratom related deaths. Natural does not mean safe. Anyone thinking of using kratom is entitled to the full facts before making that decision. There has to be a better way.

  3. Kurt says

    My bf took kratom after a long week of doing drugs. he said it relieved him of the sluggishness and he drank it as a tea. He said he felt like his serotonin levels were back again and went back to work just fine preforming at more than optimal speed

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