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The 5 Best Survival Gifts (If You're Serious About Survival)

The 5 Best Survival Gifts (If You're Serious About Survival)
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Believe it or not, the Christmas season could be a great time to introduce friends and family to "disaster readiness" with a certain survival gift.
Survivors, and the many who have lost their lives in various disasters that have struck in recent years, could have used several essential pieces of survival gear, including packaged survival food and bulk packaged water; but many were too complacent, even though the thought has crossed many minds beforehand -- am I prepared for a major disaster to strike?

Is my family really prepared for something serious to happen?

A disaster effects all ages

Those of us with aging parents and younger readers with grandparents have hopefully asked a very serious question: What are my folks / grandparents going to do in the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster?

It's one thing if they live in the same vicinity as us. In a worst case scenario, we can always walk or bike or (if roads are ok) drive a short distance to check up on them. We can bring them food, water, and company. We can also bring them protection if there's any concern that people will be prowling the streets at night looking for the weak and defenseless; many of the elderly are viewed that way by criminals.

Thank God for our veterans

Our aging veterans (those with their wits about them) may be more apt to have a concealed carry permit than others and many can handle themselves if it came down to it with a firearm.

Others though, elderly widows for example, have no way to defend themselves and are more easily preyed on by crooks with no morals or cares about their age or handicaps.

Keep tabs on the elderly

If a major disaster strikes, try to remember who the elderly people are in your neighborhood and go check up on them. They may have no family of their own. Consider recommending that the elderly (not just widows) in your neighborhood join hands with one another, and all (for the duration of the disaster) consider sharing a home, or two homes if there are several people that should be housed together. There may be a bit more safety for each that way if they stick together as a group than if each stays home alone into the late hours of the evening.
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Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?
Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?

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Christmas survival gifts -- not just stocking stuffers

With that in mind, the first three gifts I'm going to recommend this Christmas season are for elderly parents and grandparents:

1. Survival food with a shelf life of several years

Survival Food - Considering that your aging folks may not remember to check expiration dates, go with a bulk emergency food that can be stored safely for several years without spoiling. Some of the reputable producers of bulk freeze dried foods offer variety packs of breakfasts and dinners, helping ensure that the food is appreciated and eaten during an emergency.

2. Bulk water supply with a 5 year shelf life

Survival Water - Since bottled water really only has a shelf life of a few months, and because your folks may not be so adept with a water filter kit or may be forgetful when it comes to other water purification methods, I suggest a gift of emergency water that comes in bulk pouches like those sold by Mainstay. You can get a 30 day supply of drinking water with a five year shelf life for less than $30. Of course that 30 day supply of water is for one person. Consider more than one purchase for multiple people. As long as your folks know where to find this supply of water and emergency food in a back room closet (and more in the trunk of a car), you can rest assured that they will have food and water for at least the next few weeks.

If your folks / grandparents or even yourself happen to be prepared for a possible emergency already, they may already have one or more 55 gallon drums of water in storage at home. Water preserver concentrate can extend the life of this stored water for up to 5 years and treats 55 gallons.

* Since water is so important to survival, and because all of us need water to survive, and a lot of it, to survive several weeks or months during a long term emergency, please realize that it is a wise investment to purchase plastic (food grade) 55 gallon drums and then simply fill each drum with tap water from home (if you have decent tap water available). Remember, the storage life of drinking water is about 6 months; with a water preserver added to it, this storage life can be extended to approximately 5 years.

A few points about food and water ...

- Do not store this emergency food and water in a pantry or in the kitchen, where it may be easily found by burglars. There may be fast "hit and run" home invasions taking place, where criminals kick in doors, run to pantries, grab what they can and take off before any neighbors can be alerted. These kind of robberies don't happen more often currently because criminals know that the cops are just a phone call away.

Following a major disaster, once those phones are down, several communities are going to be hit by a dangerous wave of crime that this country has never seen before. Panicked criminals, believing that there's going to be no food or water in the next few hours (or days), may quickly turn on the elderly, as well as on single mothers and the handicapped that they know live on their block or just down the street that are probably not equipped to defend themselves.

CB and Handheld Two Way Radios

3. CB Radio

CB Radio - A CB radio for your folks, kept at their place; Handheld two way radios for you and your family that you can use to communicate with your folks (once you're within signal range with each other).

The fact is this: If the power grid is down, or if satellite communications have been lost (depending on the severity of the disaster), communications will have to go the way of CB radio and two way radios.

Before a disaster strikes, your folks can be outfitted with a CB radio, one that either runs off their car battery, or can be connected to an exterior solar panel or backup energy source like a generator.

4. Power inverter DC to AC adaptor

Powering a CB Radio when there's no power - For low wattage devices, like a CB radio, a vehicle parked outside the home can be outfitted with a power inverter DC to AC adaptor that plugs into a vehicle cigarette lighter, and then an extension chord plugged in to the cigarette lighter via this adapter. That extension chord can then be ran into a home where a CB radio (communications center) is set up.

A vehicle can work as a generator - As long as an outside vehicle will start, and as long as it has plenty of fuel, it can act as a generator.

A word on gas powered generators - Of course an actual generator, especially this Yamaha inverter generator may be a better choice than using a vehicle cigarette lighter to power a CB radio (what happens if an EMP fries a vehicle's electrical system?). A generator also produces higher watts for other needed electronic devices than a vehicle cigarette lighter can produce (cigarette lighters can only handle low watts and its easy to blow a fuse).

Before you opt for a gas powered generator though, keep in mind how noisy many generators are. Following a disaster, it won't be wise to operate a noisy generator. That Yamaha "inverter" generator runs quietly in comparison.

Whether you're facing the aftermath of a hurricane, major earthquake, tornadoes, or floods, having a generator to produce electricity, at least for a few days time, can do a world of good for people who need access to electronic devices. Because of the price tag (generators can cost will over a $1,000), it hasn't made the top 5 list here for survival gifts, but for those who can afford it, this Yamaha inverter generator would probably be received as a much welcome gift. Those who are on electronic medical devices will need electricity following a disaster and a generator is an option (and, worth repeating, the quieter the generator, the better).

Communication range for a handheld two way radio

Many of the better two way radios are rated to have a 20 - 30 mile or higher range. But those ratings are in optimal conditions where there is only open space between both radios and you have line of sight with each other (in other words, no obstructions to reduce or block signal).

If you're in the city or surrounded by trees, hills, and houses, the range of each radio is going to be reduced, possibly to only about two miles.

Locate your children with a two way radio

5. Handheld Two Way Radios

If you have children in school (or close friends you want to stay in contact with following a disaster), a set (or 2 sets) of Midland handheld two way radios -- along with practicing with your kids (or close friends) on how to use in an emergency -- can be a great way for you to regain contact following a disaster; as long as you can get within the general range of each other. (Other leading brands for handheld two way radios include Motorola, Cobra, and Uniden).

Handheld two way radios are a gift to consider for your spouse as well, especially if you both work in different cities and have to commute home. With a two way radio you may have a lot easier time finding each other considering that you only need to get within a few miles of each other to make contact.

Since open space and line of sight can greatly increase the range of a handheld two way radio, find a high point (for some that may mean climbing a tall tree) or going to the top of a hill, or a roof top, or to the top of the highest building, water tower, or fire lookout in the area and attempting communications from there.

Protecting two way radio equipment from an EMP

Though science isn't quite sure how much effect an emp (electro-magnetic pulse) will have on the power grid, on vehicles, on electronics in our home, etc., we can bet that the more powerful an emp is, the greater effect it's likely to have. So, if you were a nation set on attacking the U.S. with an emp, would you use a small nuclear device, or a large device?

Most likely an attacking nation will use the largest nuke possible, hoping for the greatest emp impact. With that in mind, we should definitely consider the likelihood that our nation's power grid will fail across most regions; as well, we should prepare for the probability of electrical devices in our home being fried, especially the larger devices, including many modern day vehicles and their sensitive electronic systems.

Protecting CB and radio equipment from an EMP - Disconnect all external wires and wrap in individual "emp proof" rated Faraday cages. Available online, many of these are manufactured "bags" that fit and seal over small electronics and wiring. (More can be written about Faraday cages but, for article length, that is all I will mention today.)

Using a CB / Handheld Two Way Radios in an Emergency

Instruct your children / mother / father / grandparents how to monitor specific CB channels (you'll have to specify which ones) as well as advising them to try at late hours of the evening, well after midnight, if the CB radios are filled with too much chatter early in the day (there's no telling how many people in your region have access to two way radios or CB radios following a disaster).

Some points to be aware of

- Do not reveal information on anyone's location over the radio.

- Do not reveal information on whether or not you have food, water, or other supplies.

- Call each other somewhat odd names so you don't have to reveal your real names, as well as use simple codes to warn each other of possible dangers:

"Hammer, this is Evergreen, do you copy?"

"This is Hammer."

"Hammer, I need to confirm your identity... What's my favorite number?"

"Your favorite number is Green-325".

(Green-325 is a code for "everything is ok" and you can head to our location. If another number is given, for example "Red-17", you're telling the other person that it is not safe where you are and to expect an ambush.)

Of course, that is a rare scenario to find yourself in but it is a prime example of how military units can communicate in simple code over the radio without anyone who may be listening in, realizing what is being said. You can create a list of codes that can be used to trick and deceive people who may otherwise be out to do you harm (or have taken one of your family members hostage and is now setting up an ambush and listening in on the other two way radio, a gun at your family member's head). Sure, it's far fetched, but in an All Hell Breaks Loose scenario, expect and be ready for the worst of situations to take place so you're not blindsided when they do occur.

On a CB or Two Way Radio, Criminals Can Hear Your Communications

Yes, anyone within range of your communications will be able to hear one or both of you if they also happen to have a two way radio. That can include criminals impersonating disaster responders. One criminal might say:

"This is Tina with American Red Cross... Do you have enough food and water to get by for a few days? Do you have anything to defend yourself with? There have been reports of criminals in the area. We need to know if you have food and if you are armed."

The unfortunate fact is this: Tina might be a drug dealer (former drug dealer, before the disaster), or her boyfriend is, and they have guns, but they don't have any food or water because they haven't prepped. Tina is a career criminal and she and her boyfriend both have done hard time. They are pissed off and frantic to rip someone off and get their hands on some food and water.

In the end, they will rob you, possibly kill you, and not lose any sleep over it.

Hiding CB Equipment from Thieves

Hide and disguise any CB equipment and external antennae so that it looks like something other than what it is. For example, an antennae can be run along an old flag pole, where a flag at a previous time might have flown for a holiday such as Veteran's Day and hung off the roof of your home. To someone passing by, they may not be adept to recognize that there could be a CB radio in your home.

In that room where you use your CB radio you can have an old, smashed up TV set, and keep your CB radio stored inside the back panel of the tv set when not in use (you'll have to pop out some screws). Anyone scouring the room for something to take is likely to look right passed the smashed up TV. Have a few other pieces of junk stored along side and it will look like a junk pile waiting for disposal.

Be creative and you'll find a thousand ways to stash items around the house that are overlooked by any burglars who happen to get inside one day. You can stash small electronics, firearms, and ammunition in large zip loc freezer bags and bury them at the bottom of a bag of pet food, cat litter (cat litter that has been soiled if you really want to deter someone from poking around), and even an old box of laundry detergent. The more ripped, and beat up, and smelly (figure out a way to add a little stink) the packages look that are hiding key items, the more likely they are to be ignored in a burglar's haste.

I never thought I'd recommend firearms so readily

I want to save a few lives though, if it's possible through articles like this one.

The fact of the matter is that a catastrophic disaster is going to create a dangerous wave of criminals and my heart breaks for the people who are going to lose their lives, some quite savagely, to some of the cruelest, vilest people around. My prayer is that God will intervene in miraculous ways to protect people, but that's not going to happen for every person out there, and that includes some of the elderly and handicapped among us.

Heroes can make a difference

Should you arm up for self defense? Let prayer be your guide. I've heard many good stories in recent years about "heroes" intervening as crimes or terror attacks have taken place, some times with their own firearms, to stop a murder or murders before they could happen -- and -- if it comes down to protecting someone else using a firearm or other weapon of self defense you have on hand -- that may be just the thing that is called for in that moment.

Make sure you are capable of the task. Maybe God will use you that day to make a difference.

I fear for our schools and colleges around the nation ... I hope that teachers and school officials will arm up and be a lot more prepared to deal with a deadly wave of terrorism as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Islamic radicals finally hit us on the homefront and set the U.S. on fire, from shore to shore, as their thousands of jihadist rantings promise -- and I'm sure, they probably have some worse things in mind than just killing children and bombing shopping malls and government buildings. (Refer to The Truth About Islam - Global Jihad in the Name of Allah)

I understand that a lot of our readers don't believe (yet), and that's your choice, no offense taken. But maybe it's time to rethink that. Several events are taking place right now in the world that line up with Bible prophecy about the end of days.

Which events am I talking about?

The rise of ISIS and the mass extermination of Christians ... it is happening right now. How does that line up with Bible prophecy? ISIS represents a powerful tenet of Radical Islam, and Radical Islam believes it's their Allah ordained duty to rule the world and essentially destroy all people who won't believe. Ever hear of the Anti-Christ? According to prophecies in the Bible, the Anti-Christ will destroy a lot of people in much the same way. The rise of Radical Islam is paving the way for that.

The beheading of Christians ... it is happening right now. Bible prophecies tell us that large numbers of Christians will be beheaded for their faith by the Anti-Christ and his armies. Coincidentally, we see that on a growing scale happening right now in ISIS controlled regions and new regions that ISIS expands to. Areas of the Middle East that have had Christians for several centuries, even going back 2,000 years, are seeing entire communities of Christians exterminated in a modern day holocaust.

The rise of Russia and its proximity to Israel ... it is happening right now. This is a big end times event to take note of. In Ezekiel 38 and 39, chapters in the Bible's Old Testament, there are specific prophecies about the end times that many Bible theologians have interpreted to mean that Russia, along with several allies including Iran (Persia), will lead a massive assault on Israel. Suddenly, right now, Russia's military is building in Syria -- though Russia claims it's there to help Syria's Assad and at the same time go after ISIS. This could easily be a smoke screen (a military deception), because it's putting Russia's military within close proximity of Israel.

I don't think that it's wise to trust Russia's intentions in the Middle East, especially as Russia is putting its own warplanes in the skies near Israel and its own soldiers on the ground in Syria, so close to Israel.

Daniel 8:24,25 - His power will be great, but it will not be his own. He will cause terrible destruction and succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy the powerful along with the holy people. He will cause deceit to prosper through his cunning and by his influence, and in his own mind he will make himself great.

Are we on the brink of this prophecy from Daniel being fulfilled in the coming years or months, as well as prophecies from Ezekiel 38 and 39? It certainly looks like those days could be before us.

What Ronald Reagan, a Christian, warned about Russia in 1971

Ronald Reagan, at the time Governor of California, told state legislators in 1971:

"Ezekiel tells us that Gog, the nation that will lead all of the other powers of darkness against Israel, will come out of the north. Biblical scholars have been saying for generations that Gog must be Russia. What other powerful nation is to the north of Israel? None. But it didn't seem to make sense before the Russian revolution, when Russia was a Christian country. Now it does, now that Russia has become Communistic and atheistic, now that Russia has set itself against God. Now it fits the description of Gog perfectly."

Fast forward 40 years after these warnings were given by Ronald Reagan ... Russia invades Georgia, just a few hundred miles north of Israel. Russia invades Crimea. Russia invades the Ukraine.

At the same time, Russia has built up alliances with Iran and also built up it's presence in the Mediterranean Sea -- and now, 2015, Russia is in Syria and moving at a brisk pace to get fighters in the air and soldiers and military equipment on the ground... so close to Israel.

And we've all heard about Russian and Chinese cyberattacks on the U.S., including the Pentagon and our national defenses and critical infrastructure.

With that in mind ...

How close are we to the major wars predicted in the Bible to take place in the end times of the world? We could be very close. The first coming war won't last long (according to the Bible) but it will devastate people in many places in the world, with a large loss of life and the fall of a powerful nation (as detailed in Revelation 18) and the rise of another -- a terrible and murderous global superpower that will cause so much destruction that only the armies of Heaven will be able to defeat it in the end.

What should we shop for this Christmas?

Of course that's not the happiest Christmas message to spread (except what happens at the end) when talking about a survival gift guide. But let's be realistic for a moment. The reason that any of us would consider things like survival food and survival water with a five year shelf life, and then move on to discussing CB radios and two way handhelds is so that we can find our family members following a catastrophic disaster.

One of these Christmas seasons may be our last Christmas celebrated under the guise of "freedom" that we have as Americans, Canadians, Brits, Japanese, Australians, and other places around the globe that still consider themselves a free people, free to worship God and celebrate Christmas for Christ, what it is supposed to stand for.

This is about Jesus, and what he came to do for this world, he came to set us free. Truly free. We who live as a free people today, under our current governments and surrounded by our fallen cultures, we are not free. The only freedom is in Christ. Remember that this Christmas season. Jesus died and rose again so that we can be forgiven for our sin. From that point on in our lives, once we make the sincere choice to follow Jesus, we are now "born again" (John 3:7); we are set free from the chains of sin that would otherwise drag us down and ultimately destroy us -- if we will live by faith, repent from sin, and surrender our lives to Him.

When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
SEARCH: Emergency Supplies, Natural Disasters, Food Shortages & Riots, Prepping, Post Apocalypse, MORE...
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