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Top 50 Most Shared Survival Guides

Survival skills you can start using today.

What survival guides have gotten the most shares? From economic collapse to wilderness survival to mega-disaster and even martial law, learn what it takes to survive just about anything.
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The Top 10 Best Survival Foods to Stockpile ... When All Hell Breaks Loose

Best Survival Foods

Have you taken the time to consider just what makes the best survival foods for an emergency? If you only had two survival foods on hand to last you two weeks in the event of a major emergency, what would they be?

How to Live Off the Land

How to Live Off the Land

How to Live off the Land if a complete breakdown of society ever occurs. (2018 "Red Dawn" Survival Guide updated with new techniques and breakthrough gear). If America collapses you're going to need a back-up plan for survival.

The Top 10 Survival Gear ... When All Hell Breaks Loose

The Top 10 Survival Gear

The survival gear that makes this list might surprise you. Effectiveness, ease of use, "survival Power" and finally the price all play a factor. If our nation collapses or catastrophic disaster strikes, what gear will you have on hand?

Electro Magnetic Pulse - Top 5 Dangerous Places to Be When An EMP Takes Place

EMP, Electro Magnetic Pulse

Jumbo jets will fall from the sky across North America. Massive wrecks in tunnels packed with traffic -- cars, trucks, buses and semis moving at 60mph when the lights go off. Hospitals will become death traps. Battles over food will be fought in the streets. And that's just day one. Welcome to the EMP nightmare -- if America is ever attacked with an "electro-magnetic pulse".

How to Survive
18 Essential Items for Your Get Home Bag

Get Home Bag

How does your Get Home Bag measure up? Why everyone, including kids, needs a thoroughly packed Get Home Bag. Riots, looting, and disaster can unfold at anytime -- what to do and what to carry in your Get Home Bag when the objective of the day is to survive.

21 Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

21 Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

Do you have the survival skills to survive in a post-collapse world with no police, no laws, and no government? Here are 21 survival skills to learn now ... as well as several ways to apply these skills ... when all Hell breaks loose.

10 Ways to Fool the Authorities and Escape Martial Law

How to Escape Martial Law - Fool the Authorities

Martial Law under a government with bad intentions can have devastating consequences. Here are 10 ways to fool the authorities and escape with your life and family.

Kidnapped? Hostage? Prisoner of War? How to Escape and Evade Forced Captivity

Escape and Evasion

"Escape and Evasion" from enemy hands ... Learn Tactics from Special Forces SERE School ... S.E.R.E., "survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape", is military training to evade capture, escape from confinement if you are captured, and survival skills. You might have to kill someone. You might have to break zip-ties, pick a lock, or create a diversion by setting something on fire.

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

A nuclear attack is one of the most frightening things that could happen, period - the explosion alone can kill millions.

How to Survive in the Desert - After the Collapse of the U.S.

How  to Survive in the Desert

Desert survival following a complete collapse. Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and major Texas cities in flames.

Essential Emergency Supplies to Survive Any Disaster

What you have on hand for emergency supplies can and will most likely save your life when a major disaster hits. As you go through each day knowing that something terrible could happen, why not have them on hand?

Doomsday Preppers and the Top 10 Biggest Threats to America

Doomsday Preppers

Will it be a Solar Flare, EMP attack, Terrorist Attacks with Dirty Bombs, New Madrid Earthquake, Nuclear War or World War III? Get into the minds of Doomsday Preppers.

15 Tactics for Self Defense that Can Save Your Life

Self Defense

One day soon you may have to defend yourself against an armed, dangerous attacker. Many people freeze in the face of danger -- and die -- or are simply beaten, (women can be raped) and left for dead. Are you ready for a face off with a violent assailant? Here are 15 tactics to help you escape with your life.

How to Survive a Devastating Earthquake

How to Survive an Earthquake

An earthquake often strikes without warning. A major earthquake can level a city and can turn an entire region back to the dark ages overnight. Services are knocked out, power is gone, people are dying or dead, and neighborhoods and city blocks can go up in flames.

How to Survive a Hurricane

How to Survive a Hurricane

Seen from space, a hurricane is an epic storm, carrying high winds and destructive forces powerful enough to destroy an entire landscape, which is why disaster preparedeness for a hurricane can be essential to survival. Human cities and neighborhoods are no match for the more powerful storms.

How to Survive Martial Law

How to Survive Martial Law

Is the U.S. government making plans to declare MARTIAL LAW? Several dangers to know about and beware of, if martial law is passed. A U.S. attack, regional catastrophe, or declaration of war could result in martial law. Warning: Gun Seizures and Mass Arrests. How to Survive Martial Law in America.

Is Russia Preparing for War with the West -- World War III?

Is Russia Preparing for War?

As the U.S. government warns of rise of 'Western-looking' terrorists, Russia sends an 11 ship carrier group to the Mediterranean Sea, and Israel warns of war on "all fronts".

How to Survive a Russian Invasion of the United States

Russian Invasion

A nightmare scenario from the Cold War finally unfolds. Year 2021. Russia invades the United States, decimating cities, seizing soft targets and critical infrastructure. Think you're safe out in the countryside? Not if you live near one of these "10 soft targets of strategic importance" that may be crucial to a Russian take-over.

137 Survival Gear Supplies List For Military and Civilian Survival Kits

survival Gear Supplies List

A useful list of 137 common and odd pieces of survival gear for military and civilian survival kits. You're sure to find a survival tool from this list if you know what it does and what it's used for.

The Top Ten Edible Insects in North America

Edible Insects

Challenge for every person is a survival situation -- starve or eat insects and survive? Insects are plentiful. Many are safe to eat. Many are nutritious. Here are a few bugs to know about and how to to catch and prepare them.

Yellowstone Supervolcano - No Way to Survive?

Yellowstone Supervolcano

If the volcano under Yellowstone National Park were to erupt, it could devestate much of the U.S.

Severe Danger to U.S. of EMP Attack

EMP Attack

An electromagnetic pulse attack would shut down the power grid, stall your car, and knock out our nation's defenses -- so say a lot of people. A look at what can happen and what to do before an emp takes place.

Herbal Medicine: How Knowing Medicinal Plants Can Save Your Life in an Emergency

Herbal Medicine - Medicinal Plants

Sam Coffman operates a survival and herbalism school in Texas. He is a former U.S. Special Forces Green Beret Medic with over 20 years experience working with medicinal plants. Here he instructs on the many uses of medicinal plants in a disaster or post-apocalypse scenario with several examples.

Hand to Hand Combat: How to Fight Like Jason Bourne

Hand to Hand Combat

The UFC makes MMA look like the ultimate fighting system, but it's not. MMA is for the ring. Hand to hand combat is for the special forces and intelligent services, trained to take down attackers (and even take lives) in just seconds.

How to Survive an Armed Robbery

How to Survive an Armed Robbery

American cities are becoming increasingly dangerous. Learn how to survive an increase in armed robberies. Defensive tactics, psychological strategies and intelligent thinking can help you escape being a victim of an armed robbery.

How to Survive a Violent Home Invasion

How to Survive a Home Invasion

Home invasions and robberies are taking place more and more in the suburbs. Home invasions can end in death, hostage taking, beatings, and sometimes rape. Here are several tips for making it out alive.

How to Survive a School Shooting: FIGHTING BACK

School Shooting

School shootings are on the increase. But do so many children actually have to die? What does it mean to use "security tactics" against an armed shooter? Can teens and college students out think a lone gunman with an assault rifle, and take him down, using defensive tactics? The Special Forces use security tactics. Drug cartels use security tactics. Students can use security tactics also.

How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization

The Collapse of Civilization

Total social breakdown. Major cities gone. The complete collapse of civilization. How will you survive in a land with no government or local police? Communities, survivors left to fend for themselves.

How to Survive the End of Days

The End of Days

Could the end of the world occur in our lifetime? Many say yes. Here's the evidence that the "End of Days" and Armageddon could be just ahead -- or are already here right now.

How to Survive a Volcano

Volcano Eruption

Volcanoes can destroy land and cities -- even several miles away. If you have any volcano threat in your region, whether from an active volcano or sleeping volcano, take the time to learn what it takes to survive, should a sudden volcano eruption take place.

How to Survive in America's Mountains
When Governments Fall, Survivors Rise

How to Survive in America's Mountains

For the inexperienced, surviving in the mountains is a killer. Add snow and cold temperatures and you have a sure recipe for disaster. Like the American mountain man from past centuries, learn what it takes to live and survive in a snow-capped mountain range.

How to Evade and Escape Tracking Dogs

How to Evade and Escape Tracking Dogs

In a Changing World, the Bad Guys Can Come to Power -- Like the Nazis of WWII Europe. When the Bad Guys Control the Law, You Might Just Have to Make a Run For It. It Might Be Smart to Know How to Evade Tracking Dogs.

How to Survive a Shopping Mall Massacre - Terrorist Attack

How to Survive A Terrorist Attack at a Shopping Mall

Terrorists and anarchists both would love to unleash Hell at a shopping mall. Both are a real danger today. What do you do to survive?

50 Critical Items to Survive Disaster

50 Critical Items to Survive Disaster

Here's a list of 50 Critical Survival Items that can each play a key role in long term survival following a catastrophic disaster. Several of these items might be new to you, possibly items you haven't considered before. I encourage you to give careful consideration to each.

Top 10 Volcanoes Most Likely to Erupt


Increasing seismic activity isn't limited to earthquakes and tsunamis; Volcanoes may pose biggest danger.

How to Find Water in the Wilderness

How to Find Water in the Wilderness

Fresh drinking water might be right under your feet -- in the mountains, forest, and desert -- and you may not even realize it. Learn how insects, wildlife, and reading the terrain can reveal multiple sources of water. Learn how a solar still, solar furnace, and Giant Fresnel Lens can all be tools for providing safe drinking water -- anywhere.

Communications After an EMP - Two Way Radios
Following An EMP, telephones, cell phones, and the internet will be a thing of the past. Two way radios will be a valuable too and can keep you in communication with family and friends. Learn how to protect your two way radios from the effects of an EMP as well as a communications "system" for re-connecting with loved ones.
Survival Fishing: 10 Ways to Catch Fish in an Emergency

survival Fishing

Fish live and thrive in most large bodies of water and many alpine lakes, ponds, and rivers. Knowing how to catch fish in an emergency can save lives. Some of these methods are illegal, however in an emergency when your life is on the line, survival comes first.

The Top 15 Primitive Weapons for the Apocalypse

Primitive Weapons

If terrorist attacks, a solar flare, or other widespread disaster destroy our nation's power grid and knock us back to the 1800s, how would we survive? Primitive weapons may be the answer.

How to Find True North Without a Compass
Lost in the wilderness or fleeing through hostile territory, knowing how to navigate without a compass is an essential survival skill.
Top 10 High Calorie Survival Foods

How do you stock up on high calorie foods while on a budget? Calorie count, nutrition, bulk pricing, and finally shelf-life are each factors to consider. Here's a tactical look at survival foods and 5 bonus survival "superfoods".

How to Survive a Tornado

How to Survive a Tornado

Tornadoes can be monsters, giants forming in the skies and coming down to earth to wreck havoc and destroy lives and infrastructure. If you live in one of several states where a tornado is likely so strike, you should have a survival plan because one day your life may count on it. It could be tomorrow. Disaster preparedness can go a long way here.

How to Survive a Famine


Severe drought or weather, natural disaster, or a man-made catastrophe like an EMP can bring on food shortages, and famine, followed by starvation. Millions go hungry. Countless people die. Survival secrets to surviving a famine -- and the supplies to get now.

How to Survive a Flash Flood

As global weather gets worse, so will low-land floods. Stay alive.

How to Survive Anarchy and a Collapse of America

Anarchy and America's Collapse

In a real-world Hunger Games, life will be all about survival. Society turned upside down. Riots. Looting. Anarchy. It's going to take a lot more than just a few survival tools to stay alive in a catastrophe of this magnitude. Today I hope to point you in the right direction. This just might keep you alive.

How to Survive in the Rocky Mountains

Bugging Out to the Rockies

Bugging Out and Surviving in the Rocky Mountains

Infrastructure collapses. U.S. cities fall. With your family and a few friends you flee for a distant community but realize it's not that distant after all. The Rockies loom in the distance ... but can you survive in the Rockies? What if you had no choice? The day you've been preparing for has come -- the day to Bug Out to the nearby mountains. Is your family ready?

Can We Survive the Doomsday Asteroid in 2036?


An asteroid named 2004 MN4 had been assigned the highest odds ever for a direct impact with our planet since we'd started documenting asteroids in near-Earth orbits.

The Top 10 Survival Supplies

Top 10 Survival Supplies

What are the top ten essential items to have on hand in a survival situation? What supplies may make the difference between life or death? If you could only have ten survival supplies on hand, and survive with the most success, these 10 may be the best items to have.

15 Top Wild Edibles That Can Save You in the Wild

15 Top Wild Edibles

What are the best wild edibles that you can find and identify easily in an emergency that may be growing nearby and all around you?

When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
SEARCH: Emergency Supplies, Natural Disasters, Food Shortages & Riots, Prepping, Post Apocalypse, MORE...
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