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Survival Schools

Where to Go to Learn Survival Skills

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Just what does it take to survive in the wilderness of North America, Europe or Australia and other continents? Take your book-knowledge of survival to the next level and enroll yourself in one of many survival schools now in operation in North America, the U.K., Australia and other countries. Learn from experts with years of experience in primitive survival and various other trades that give each instructor a unique set of knowledge to pass on to students.

Survival School in Texas and Colorado

The Human Path -

The Human Path Survival School

The Human Path is a survival school that founder Sam Coffman tells us is unlike any other. Sam is a former U.S. Special Forces (a.k.a. Green Beret) medic who has spent his lifetime studying and teaching the subjects that he offers at The Human Path, such as primitive livings skills and wilderness survival, herbalism and plant medicine, urban survival and preparedness, primitive hunting and fishing, wild foods and foraging, self-defense and tactics, homesteading and sustainable lifestyles, off-grid engineering and problem solving, reconnaissance and information gathering, blacksmithing and knife-making, animal tracking and naturalist studies, ammunition reloading, permaculture concepts, aquaponics, human tracking, wilderness first aid certification, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) certification, brain tanning hides, animal processing and meat preservation and more.

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Florida Survival School

Primitive Supply Slingshots -

My name is Madison Parker, I am a former Navy SEAL from the Vietnam era. I have been running and training the SEALs, the local sheriff dept, and all the private people that have been interested in my school. I have been established since 1996 and have been running my Primitive Supply business since that time. I instruct all the training for wilderness living and extended stay living. This is all in a primitive setting with little equipment. Mostly just a knife only type of scenario. I also have been running guided primitive tribal hunts during the winter hunting season months, and this is done with a tribal mentality, using weapons that the students have built themselves with help from myself.

Arkansas Survival School

Ozark Mountain Preparedness Survival School

Ozark Mountain Preparedness -

The mission of Ozark Mountain Preparedness, LLC is to provide top quality instructional courses for people who desire to pursue a self-reliant lifestyle, whether in the wilds or right at home. By blending both modern and primitive methods into our curriculum, we strive to offer a comprehensive view of survival and preparedness. Our course topics include wilderness and urban survival, fur trapping, bushcraft, primitive skills, long-term wilderness living, land navigation, home disaster preparation, outdoor cooking, food procurement and storage, foraging, wild edibles, and others.

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