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Machine Gun Preacher - A true story being lived out today in the lawless lands of Sudan where rebels slaughter villages, and children are raped, maimed, and some turned into child soldiers and brutal killers. A former biker from Florida now born-again Christian wages an ongoing war against the rebels, and with him a few loyal fighters.

Dan's Depot - Dan's Depot provides expert survival training, quality gear, and survival food all at great prices.

Mailboxes for snowy climates - How to protect your mailbox from snow plow damage.

Nuclear Attack Plan - A nuclear attack on Southern California is hard to imagine. Here's a response to the unimaginable. - Hunter's Shooting Association provides informative articles covering all aspects of the hunter's skill development. Artilces are available free on-line and in the HSA newsletters.

Wild Man Steve Brill - Learn about edible and medicinal wild plants and mushrooms, nature, and ecology... With New York's Best-Known Naturalist, "Wildman" Steve Brill

Emergency Kits - Emergency Supplies - First Aid Kits - We have a large selection of emergency kits. Also, medical first aid kits, pet survival kits, disaster kits, medical emergency kits, auto emergency kits, emergency food and water, and emergency preparedness supplies.

Common Sense Survival Guides - Is survival a choice?


The 50 Greatest Lures of All Time

Economic Crisis

The Economic Collapse Blog - Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?

Terrorism / Radical Islam

Joel Rosenberg's 'Epicenter' - With the murderous threats of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Shiite followers, the stage is being set for another dangerous confrontation. And this time, it could go nuclear.

Obsession - Radical Islam's War on the West - "Obsession is without exaggeration one of the most important films of our time. " Glenn Beck, CNN Headline News.

Nuclear terrorism: The new day after - A recent New York Times opinion piece asked what we will do on the day after a nuclear terrorist attack on the United States.

What to do if a Nuclear Disaster is Imminent - This guide is for families preparing for imminent terrorist or strategic nuclear attacks with expected severe destruction followed by widespread radioactive fallout downwind.

Christian Sites

Shocking Youth Message by Paul Washer - So Biblical, He was Never Invited Back - Excellent teaching about the truth of scripture and the sad state of America's churches.

Otacho Children's Home - Learn the history and meet Pastor Nashon and his wife, the native missionaries who run a Christian-based orphanage in Migori, Kenya. Our site has been supporting them for many months; we have had missionaries meet with Pastor Nashon and his wife multiple times. The needs in this area of the word are very great. Please consider supporting them at the link above.

Last Days Mystery - Is this the year that Christ will open the Second Seal? Prepare for War! Yahweh has stirred up the Medes (Iran), becauseHis purpose is to destroy Babylon (U.S.A.) Jeremiah 51:11-13.

Gospel Tracts to Evangelize With - Hand out tracts to your friends put together by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron of - Serving pastors and leaders who reach men. Indepth blog and leadership community.

Armageddon Online - Variety of articles on disaster news and end of the world scenarios.

The Truth War - Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception - Truth is under attack, and much is at stake. In The Truth War John MacArthur reclaims the unwavering certainty of God's Truth and anchors Christians in the eternal, immovable promises that are found in His Word.

Babylon the Great is Falling - A website with articles related to the Bible prophecies of the fall of Babylon and how this relates to USA.

Apostasy Now - A website on the 'falling away' of Christianity that Jesus said would occur in the end times.

Hiking / Mountaineering

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures - Television show and website for hunting and fishing and growing in Christian faith.

Vancouver Hiking - Hiking guide to Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Hiking Las Vegas - Hiking, bouldering rock scrambling, rock climbing mountaineering, great weather, and no crowds.