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Survival Instinct

Why survival instinct may be the most powerful survival tactic known

What's the secret of survival? Often it's instinctive -- call it survival instinct. It's about coming alive in the heat of the moment and instinctively making decisions that save the day or get you out of harm's way fast. How to unlock your inner survival instinct.
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How to Survive Anarchy and a Collapse of America

Anarchy and America's Collapse

In a real-world Hunger Games, life will be all about survival. Society turned upside down. Riots. Looting. Anarchy. It's going to take a lot more than just a few survival tools to stay alive in a catastrophe of this magnitude. Today I hope to point you in the right direction. This just might keep you alive.
Indiana Jones and the Secret of Survival

Indiana Jones and the Secret of Survival

Raiders of the Lost Ark and other Indiana Jones movies reveal a highly effective method of survival - if you're paying attention -- and it's a major component of survival instinct. Think you have what it takes to survive like Indiana Jones?

Kidnapped? Hostage? Prisoner of War? How to Escape and Evade Forced Captivity

Evasion and Escape

Train with the Special Forces for a while and you're bound to develop a survival instinct, and part of that instinct is "escape and evasion" from enemy hands ... S.E.R.E., "Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape", is military training to evade capture, escape from confinement if you are captured, and survival skills. You might have to kill someone. You might have to break zip-ties, pick a lock, or create a diversion by setting something on fire...

The Survival Mind - How to Develop The Will to Survive

The Survival Mind - How to Develop The Will to Survive

Survival instinct and a will to survive go together. In survival, some people crack under sudden pressure and fear. Even soldiers, even cops. What about you? Facing a conflict or following a major disaster, your life may be on the line. The decisions you make next could cost you or someone else your lives. Learn what it takes to control fear and stress, while developing a "will to survive", to survive any situation you're ever faced with.

3 Survival Tips from U.S. Special Forces

Special Forces Survival Tips

Three things you can learn from the U.S. Special Forces and apply in a real survival situation. It might be handy to have a few survival skills at your disposal, in a time of collapse or major civil unrest or lawlessness -- which might be in America's near future.

How to Survive Anything

George Washington (before becoming America's first President) and other heroes from history faced incredible odds and dangers -- yet they survived and achieved victory, again and again. In the heat of the moment, many tapped into their inner survival instinct. How did they do it and what was their secret?