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Celebrities Attacked: Terrorists Shock World with Gruesome Murders

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U.S. Celebrities Murdered in Gruesome Terrorist Attacks. Nation shocked, leaders outraged.
LOS ANGELES - Nation watches in stunned horror gruesome massacre of U.S. celebrities and fans. In unexpected and brutal drama, a sniper round takes the head off one celebrity while another terrorist rushes stage, grabbing nearest celebrity, and cutting off his head with machete. Fans rushed for exits where more terrorists were waiting with fully automatic rifles, killing 52 people as they fled out of exits and seriously wounding more than 130. President vows to wipe out terrorism, saying it's time for nukes.

Predicting Terrorist Attacks Based on Trends and Threats

What you just read is a shocking prediction for scenarios we can expect from terrorists in the coming months and years. Consider this a news trend, allowing us to make predictions into what the face of America, the UK, France and other nations considered enemies of Radical Islam are likely to face as we consider the goals of a global caliphate -- that is their belief that they will rule the world one day, and fulfill ancient prophecies from the Koran, as they await the coming of a "Mahdi" (Islam's version of a savior).

U.S. evangelical pastors have been quick to point out that warnings from the Bible about the last days promise an "Anti-Christ" that will arise during a time of mass violence and war, but this "Anti-Christ" will only have power for a short period of time before finally being destroyed - by Jesus, who makes a return as "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords." Christians warn: Follow Islam and you'll be doomed to Hell.

America in Shock: Terrorist Attack at the Grammys

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