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2017 8+ Magnitude Earthquake: High Death Toll, Region Devastated

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NO ONE EXPECTED IT HERE, TODAY. The destruction is horrible. What it looks like. The survivors have incredible tales of terror as earthquake shook ''EVERYTHING.''
USA,UK,CA,AUST,NZ,CHINA NEWS - World watches in shocked horror as large earthquake erupts during a sporting event, throwing players to the ground, collapsing the stadium seating onto thousands seated down below, and bringing down nearby buildings and collapsing a major freeway. It was "a noise I've never heard before" says one survivor.

At that moment a commercial flight was just seconds from touching down when the runway suddenly "split in two" at the international airport and the flight came down and was immediately torn apart, killing most of the passengers. Of the four skyscrapers heavily damaged, it was "clear that they were all coming down" says a witness who had seen everything from his small airplane that happened to be on an aerial tour with his pilot and family. "I never imagined that the safest place to be during an earthquake would be up in my plane" he adds ...

Predicting Natural Disasters Based on Trends and Threats

What you just read is a hypothetical look of what we can expect from natural disasters in the coming months and years. Consider this a news trend, allowing us to make predictions into what future natural disasters are going to look like, based on the fact that we've been told what the future is going to look like prior to the Second Coming of Jesus, who warned about an increase in size and rate of natural disasters and geo-political events leading up to the end of days. Because Jews and Christians both share Old Testament teachings, even Jews are warning that these are End of Days disasters we are seeing: Global Wave of Earthquakes a Prelude to Redemption?.

If the increase of disasters, including size, scope, and death count are really signs pointing to the end of days, what else can we expect? How about headlines like:

2018 Earthquake Levels Los Angeles, Tens of Thousands Dead, Thousands More Injured

2017 Oklahoma Earthquake: 10 Times Bigger than the 2016 - Oklahoma Cities No Longer Standing

January 2017 Earthquake Surpasses 10.0 Magnitude - Biggest Earthquake in Human History