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Living Off the Land -- Is it Possible?

(1)  For some it's possible to live off the land and many have done it well. Have what it takes to live off the land? Here's a few survival tips...

15 Top Wild Edibles That Can Save You in the Wild

15 Top Wild Edibles

What are the best wild edibles that you can find and identify easily in an emergency that may be growing nearby and all around you?

(2)  Survive A Collapse or Crisis: Survival Tips

Want to Learn Survival Secrets of the U.S. Special Forces?

Have the Right Supplies for a Collapse or Crisis? How to Survive -- EMP, Nuclear Warfare, Social Collapse, Martial Law, Escape and Evasion, and MORE! Major world events are happening. Don't be caught unprepared for tomorrow's disasters ...

Living Off the Land - Are You Ready?

How to Live Off the Land

(2018 "Red Dawn" Survival guide updated with NEW techniques & breakthrough gear)  Survival tips for living off the land and surviving in the wilderness. If America collapses you may want to have a back-up plan for survival. Included: 10 Dangers to Living Off the Land and Ways to Survive.

How to Survive in America's Mountains
When Governments Fall, Survivors Rise

How to Survive in America's Mountains

For the inexperienced, surviving in the mountains is a killer. Add snow and cold temperatures and you have a sure recipe for disaster. Like the American mountain man from past centuries, learn what it takes to live and survive in a snow-capped mountain range.
Secret Garden of Survival - How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest

Secret Garden of Survival - How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest

Secret Garden of Survival - How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest. What are you and your family (and your livestock) going to eat when your food stores run out? Grow a survival garden. And how do you keep others from stealing it? Answer: A camouflaged food forest.
Herbal Medicine: How Knowing Medicinal Plants Can Save Your Life in an Emergency

Herbal Medicine - Medicinal Plants Can Save Your Life in an Emergency

Sam Coffman operates a survival and herbalism school in Texas. He is a former U.S. Special Forces Green Beret Medic with over 20 years experience working with medicinal plants. Here he instructs on the many uses of medicinal plants in a disaster or post-apocalypse scenario with several examples.
The Top Medicinal Plants of North America

Top Medicinal Plants of North America

FOUND EVERYWHERE ... Medicinal plants may be right under your feet. They may be in your backyard and all around at a local park. North America has a variety of medicinal plants that can help relieve illness, and even cure illness. Plant medicine can be an essential component of survival first aid.
15 Insects You Can Eat to Survive

Edible insects and eating insects for survival

Which insects can be eaten? In survival it turns out there are many species of edible insects including 3 "creatures" that are not insects but a food source still the same. It's too bad no one told the Donner Party ...
The Top Ten Edible Insects in North America

Challenge for every person is a survival situation -- starve or eat insects and survive? Insects are plentiful. Many are safe to eat. Many are nutritious. Here are a few bugs to know about and how to to catch and prepare them.
Top 10 Survival Seeds

Top 10 Best Survival Seeds

What are the best survival seeds to plant that can help feed you and your family through an extended emergency? Preparing for a disaster, what are the top survival seeds that can grow with minimal effort?
Survival Composting: Can Human Excrement Be Used as Compost?

Survival Composting

After the movie, The Martian, a lot of people wonder -- can human excrement really be used as compost? Wow -- ready for the answer?
Survival Hunting: How to Hunt, Cook, and Eat Black Bears and Grizzlies

The Bear Hunter: How to Hunt, Cook, and Eat Black Bears and Grizzlies

Did you know that American pioneers considered bear meat to be a delicacy? Bear meat isn't on the menu in most places anymore but bears make a proven survival food for a wilderness emergency.
Survival Hunting: High Powered Slingshots and Primitive Skills

Madison Parker is a Navy SEAL instructor, survival school instructor, and designer of a handmade slingshot proven in the field -- and proven with his trainees. Survival is always having a "Plan-B." This slingshot can be your "Plan-B" for that day you run out of bullets or simply want to hunt in silence, without alerting anyone to your presence.
The Top 10 Bushcraft Survival Gear

The Top 10 Bushcraft Survival Gear

Bushcraft combines essential survival skills with essential bushcraft tools that can help you survive any wilderness emergency when it's just you, your survival tools, and your wits to come out of this alive.
How to Survive in the Desert

Desert Survival - How to Survive in the Desert

Living off the land in the desert. Dangerous for the unprepared, easier for the equipped. Find food, water and shelter in the desert. Learn the secrets of Arab desert nomads and Desert Indians from the American Southwest. Route finding, map reading, water procurement, hidden springs, wells, and underground rivers. Hunting tips and wild edibles and insects.
Wild Food - Foraging for Food and Edible Plants

Living off the land in the wilderness. Local and distant areas of wilderness can provide several sources for wild foods. Foraging for wild food is a learned skill. Here's an introduction to foraging, as well as specific reommendations for identifying edible plants and knowing which ones to avoid.

Survival: Hunting and Trapping Small Game

Small Game Hunting and Trapping

Small game animals are plentiful in most wilderness areas: Mammals, rodents, waterfowl and other game birds. Here are a few proven methods for hunting and trapping small game that can save your life and provide an on-going food source in a survival situation.
Snakes and Survival: Can Snakes Be Eaten in a Survival Emergency?

Snakes and Survival

As a survival food, snakes can be a tasty meal; but if you encounter a poisonous snake you better know how to recognize it and then protect yourself. Here are several things to know about snakes and survival if one day soon you have to live off the land.
Survival Hunting: Elk Hunting - Ultimate Big Game Hunting

Hunting big game like elk, moose, and deer is a proven way to survive in the wilderness long term. Today, the majority of people have no big game hunting skills, and so most people can't survive for very long in the wild. If you want to learn survival, learn the secrets to finding and hunting elk -- specifically when elk are hard to find.
Survival Hunting: The Top 10 Game Birds

Which birds can be eaten in the wild, or even your own backyard, forest or distant wetland? Wild turkey, grouse, and pheasant come to mind, but did you know there are several other game birds that are sought after by hunters and that can feed you in a survival emergency?
Survival Fishing: 10 Ways to Catch Fish in an Emergency

Fish live and thrive in most large bodies of water and many alpine lakes, ponds, and rivers. Knowing how to catch fish in an emergency can save lives. Some of these methods are illegal, however in an emergency when your life is on the line, survival comes first.
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