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How to Survive and Be Prepared for Just About Anything

Moving Before Disaster Strikes

Moving Away From Cities Before S-H-T-F. What Are Your Plans for Moving in the Event of Sudden Disaster? (Don't Count on Calling A Moving Company At the Last Minute). Full Story

12 Ways You Can Be Seriously Injured in the Wilderness

What to Do to Prevent and Avoid Serious Injury in the Wild. Includes Survival Tactics of Native Americans and American Pioneers. Dealing With Dangerous Animals and Insects. Common Injuries to Avoid. Avoiding and Escaping Death. Included: Inexpensive Survival Gear. Full Story

How to Survive a Russian Invasion of the United States

A nightmare scenario from the Cold War finally unfolds. Year 2015. Russia invades the United States, decimating cities, seizing soft targets and critical infrastructure. Think you're safe out in the countryside? Not if you live near one of these "10 soft targets of strategic importance" that may be crucial to a Russian take-over. Full Story

SURVIVAL TIP from U.S. Special Forces

Three things you can learn from the U.S. Special Forces and apply in a real survival situation. It might be handy to have a few survival skills at your disposal, in a time of collapse or major civil unrest or lawlessness -- which might be in America's near future. Full Story

How to Survive in America's Mountains
When Governments Fall ... Survivors Rise

For the inexperienced, surviving in the mountains is a killer. Add snow and cold temperatures and you have a sure recipe for disaster. Like the American mountain man from past centuries, learn what it takes to live and survive in a snow-capped mountain range. Full Story

Secret Garden of Survival - How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest

Let's say you survive The End Of The World As We Know It... and let's say you survive for a year... What are you and your family (and your livestock) going to eat when your food stores run out? How will you replenish a year's food storage, and then feed yourself each and every year after that? And how do you keep others from stealing it? Full Story

Kidnapped? Hostage? Prisoner of War? How to Escape and Evade Forced Captivity

"Escape and Evasion" from enemy hands ... Learn Tactics from Special Forces SERE School ... S.E.R.E., "Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape", is military training to evade capture, escape from confinement if you are captured, and survival skills. You might have to kill someone. You might have to break zip-ties, pick a lock, or create a diversion by setting something on fire... Full Story

Top 10 Survival Gear ... When All Hell Breaks Loose

The survival gear that makes this list might surprise you. Effectiveness, ease of use, "Survival Power" and finally the price all play a factor. If our nation collapses or catastrophic disaster strikes, what gear will you have on hand?

How To Survive and Be Prepared for Just About Anything

Survive an Economic Collapse

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Surival Trick for Coming Crisis

Wilderness Survival

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Survive a Natural Disaster

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Self Defense

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Survive a Terrorist Attack

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Survive a Nuclear Attack

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Self Reliance / Prepping

Mountain House Foods on Sale!

Wilderness/Urban Survival

Herbal First Aid Kits
Online Herbal Medicine Certification

Survive Any Disaster

How to Live Off the Land

Herbal Medicine: Knowing Medicinal Plants Can Save Your Life

How to Survive Martial Law

How to Survive A Nuclear Attack

The Top 10 Survival Gear

How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization

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 Economic Collapse:

Kidnapped? Hostage? Prisoner of War? How to Escape and Evade Forced Captivity

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